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A three story building in the iconic New Orleans building stood before me on an unpopulated street. At the time, I had no idea who Norma Wallace might be, but I snapped a photo anyway.

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Chills ran down my spine, and I got the spooky feeling that something of importance probably happened there. In a trance, I considered how wild the decades past in New Orleans must have been. My tour guide seemingly read my mind. It is one of the single greatest pieces I have ever read. What are you waiting for? Purchase your copy here. Norma Wallace was a high profile madam, five times married, an alleged criminal, and above all — a national treasure. Feminism can be really tricky.

For the longest time, I felt that women who participated in sex work were the enemy. The prospects and possibilities of the type of career women can pursue has never been higher in our country. Yet, some women choose sex work. This is a career which in my mind only reaffirmed the male perspective that women are good for one thing.

I felt for most of my life that women whose only job was to bare their naked bodies and lay on their back reinforced the notion that a woman with a brain was an oddity. I experienced one of the most profound paradigm shifts of my life after visiting New Orleans. First, a history:. Having been ruled by the French before the establishment of the United States, New Orleans in some ways dodges the bullet on the Puritan Prudism that plagues the east coast and thus most of the country.

New Orleans was swamp land in its conception. Dirty, bug infested, stinky swamp land. Thus, France has a tough time populating and building up the area. No one in their right mind would have left the sanctity of France to move there.

Enter — a deal. Criminals and the criminally insane held behind bars were given the opportunity for freedom. This was by way of moving to New Orleans and leaving France. The catch was they had to do the dirty work of building up the city. The men did, and in addition took it upon themselves to build places to drink, places to gamble, and…wait a minute!

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They needed a place for sex! They needed women for sex, primarly though. So you see, New Orleans was a city built on vice. The first prostitutes sent over were actually more like pioneers coming to an unknown world. Beyond opening their legs, they sailed the great distance and foraged a path facing insurmountable dangers the entire time.

I can only assume that being a prostitute in the 17 and s could not have been dreamy. Often times from film, when we see prostitutes of the past picture we are met with images of lace, chandeliers, and sexy lingerie. Most prostituion took place near the old French Market. The area was disgusting and smelly. Trash, dead bodies, and decaying seafood littered the ground. The blood from animals being slain from meat ran into the streets.

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It would often stain the bottoms of the high heel shoes of the prostitutes working there. For more on my time with Quinn LaRoux, check this out. The area was unbelievably violent — so much so that the police would not even enter. Sex workers had to learn to survive this climate and soon themselves became some of the most vicious and violent perpetrators themselves including stabbing, shooting, and robbing to survive their hard environment. Prostitutes operated out of actual houses. Clients received more than sex here, it was an experience.

Drinks were often served and accompanied by live jazz music played by legends such as Pops Foster and Jelly Roll Morton.

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Keep in mind, we are talking about the early 20th century here. Storyville has its fair share of questionable morality even beyond traditional sex work. If you dig deep into the far corners of the internet, you will definitely find that sexual acts with animals and oyster shells apparently were a thing for sure.

Even if they did, how far would their male counterparts let them go? Many of these women became business owners — madams of prostitutes and grew their own fortunes. These women handled the s, set the prices, negotiated terms, leases, and pricing. In many times, they were their own security detail as well. In Storyville, many women banded together and formed deep friendships. One woman might watch the kids of the prostitutes on her off day. By doing so, their mothers could earn a living.

Those women would return the favor on their off day. For those women that found themselves accidentally pregnant and unable to have a baby there was some help. There would often be one woman who would give abortions. Women could then continue on with their trade without worrying about being pregnant and losing business. This is not female comradery as we see today. Rather, this is an early example of women helping women. This, given the circumstances that they were made to face.

She would put a plank of wood from her window to a neighboring brothel across the street. The place was run by a woman named Josephine. The prostitutes would scurry along the beam and into the safety of the neighboring bordello. The girls would pull the plank of wood in all before the cops were let into the door. This was essentially after her mother abandoned her to pursue a wild life of sex and alcoholism. Norma essentially born and died being fiercely independent long before it was in vogue.

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Men tried to force her to settle down and turn toward a respectable life of being a housewife and mother. She never buckled or wavered under this pressure. She was tough, elegant, and took no shit from anyone. Norma was a business woman ahead of her time and was respected, loved, and feared by thousands. She was always dressed luxuriously and was the original bad boss bitch. What I found most interested is how many fathers would take their sons there because they had been there as boys. Men would even take their wives to meet Norma and reflect on their wild youth. Norma was notorious among college boys, unsatisfied husbands, business elite, famous movie stars, mafia members, and the authorities.

There are many who say that burlesque has its origins steeped within the city. Burlesque is different from what we think of as stripping. Her stage name as she was better known was Evangeline — The Oyster Girl. One of her most famous acts involved sitting half naked in a giant oyster shell on the stage at Casino Royale. She would dance scantily clad accompanied by a basketball sized faux-pearl.

Women to fuck in New Orleans

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