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A daily pill that drastically cuts the risk of contracting HIV has transformed how gay men talk about the disease, even to the point where the prophylactic drug is casually mentioned in dating-site profiles. While new cases are declining, nearly 2 percent of D. Condoms have been at the forefront of efforts to block sexual transmission of the virus. But some people who are sexually active refuse or forget to use them, and women may have unprotected sex with men they mistakenly think are monogamous, public health experts say.

Women can protect themselves instead of relying on men to use condoms.

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Although the drug has been available sinceit has been virtually unknown to women of color. Vans that offer mobile HIV testing are also providing referrals to doctors who can prescribe the drug. But like condoms, PrEP is not fail-safe, and HIV prevention counselors are encountering skepticism from some black women. Some women equate using the drug with promiscuity. Others are not sure whether they can commit to daily use, particularly if they are dealing with the chaos of poverty, mental illness or abusive relationships.

Public health advocates compare the challenges of getting women to use PrEP to the rise of birth control.

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But users face co-pay fees for laboratory tests at the beginning of treatment and for follow-up visits to their doctors. District officials say they are looking into ways to cover those costs. She goes out several times a week in neighborhoods where HIV is most prevalent.

Inside the van, the year-old D. Edmonds, 22, has been on the job since July — drawn to the position after watching loved ones contract HIV. Close relatives have the infection, and Twanda buried her brother a decade ago after he succumbed to AIDS.

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As a couple married for 16 years, they are less worried about infections — but still regularly test when they go to the doctor or see a mobile van, just in case. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program deed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Accessibility for screenreader.

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