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January 09, Anne E. Bromleyanneb virginia.

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January 9, — Today's college students have grown up in a time when the roles and duties of the ideal wife are in flux more than they were for centuries in European and American societies. A January term course at the University of Virginia is looking at "The Lives of Wives" and the history of marriage and childbirth from the early modern era to the contemporary period.

It is the first t class that the history department and Studies in Women and Gender program have offered during the "J-term," a day semester that provides students the opportunity to take an intensive, seminar-style course.

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History instructors Anne Throckmorton and Melissa Blair are covering how marriage has changed over time, how the family or community was involved in the decision of whom and when to marry, and how expectations of spouses differed according to class. As also, a wives behavior towards her husband after marriage," written by a man. The class will jump to the 20th century in studying the longest-running marriage column, ongoing today, "Can This Marriage Be Saved?

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The class also is viewing eight films, including the film, "The Return of Martin Guerre," based on a true story about a 16th-century French peasant woman's decisions after her missing husband returns and his identity is questioned, and the movie, "Far From Heaven," about a "perfect" s American housewife who finds out her husband is a homosexual and then befriends a well-educated African-American gardener working for the family.

Students may be surprised, for example, to learn that upper-class women in the 16th and 17th centuries on average bore 10 to 15 children and did not usually breastfeed, so they could become pregnant again sooner and produce more children, whereas working-class women usually had six to eight births and usually nursed for about a year.

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It's up to future historians to figure out why this is, although I will say that, historically, periods of strong concern about national security tend to line up with periods of increased emphasis on motherhood and parenting.

The s, with its Cold War fears and strong emphasis on family, is a good example of this. He said he also likes the films they are watching, ones he probably wouldn't have chosen on his own.

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The purpose of U. The intensive format of January Term classes encourages student-faculty contact and allows students and faculty to immerse themselves in a subject. University News. UVA made the determination to protect children and others who are vulnerable following guidance from public health experts and the University is planning alternative virtual events.

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Student Experience.

Wives looking virginia

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