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A term used to describe a person who likes to enjoy themselves. That girl sure is fun loving. A really stupid thing that people say in profiles and like things because it is very redundant. Fun Loving. More specifically: a dedication and determination to the finding, seeking-out, and participating in enjoyable and exciting times, events, or occurrences. Sally can be described as silly and fun loving. Vampires are not very fun loving.

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The most ridiculous, pointless, and redundant adjective that has ever existed. More specifically, it's what a lot of uncreative and ignorant incorrigibles use in their personals ad when they can't think of something to say that actually has meaning to it.

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The definition of fun, is something that is a source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure. Therefore, the fact that something fun is enjoyable or pleasurable is built-in to the very meaning of the word. Hence, it is completely redundant and illogical to say "fun-loving". How else is someone going to feel about fun?

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The very notion is contradictory at best, and ludicrous at worst. Oh my god!

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I'm such a fun-loving person! What an amazing revelation.

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