Two hot guys here

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This spring, we stumbled across a new Instagram that combines two of our favorite things: good looks and good books. Hot Dudes Reading was launched by a close-knit group of twenty- and thirtysomethings in New York City and has quickly gained about half a million followers in less than two months. This manly man diving into a novel about female empowerment has my full attention.

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I may not need him, but I sure do want him. Who said anything about A Little Life? This guy definitely has the style rules down, and judging by that book, it looks like he's moving on to grammar.

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Between You and Me, he could mix up there, they're, and their as long as he's down to kiss me here, here, and here. Spotting this heartbreaker on the platform reading love stories has me imagining ours.

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Haikus in Tokyo, limericks in Dublin, or sonnets in Paris—he could recite anything to me and it would be music to my ears. Between that book and those sneakers, this sexy scribe must be prepping for some sort of apocalypse, and I love a man who comes prepared.

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If a zombie attack is what it takes for him to become my protector, then bring on the undead. This chiseled cutie has either mastered the art of looking effortless, or he just rolled out of bed.

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Two hot guys here

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