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Elevating the art of touch. Tucson Massage Company is open by appointment! We have enhanced our health and safety protocols. At Tucson Massage Company we've thought of everything so you can think of All massage treatments include complimentary hot towels, aromatherapy and organic massage lotion and oil.

For questions or help with booking, call -or- Send us an e-mail. Custom Massage. Light to moderate pressure, ideal for relaxation. Perfect for first-timers and those who like a soothing touch. Your therapist will address your concerns by integrating a variety of massage modalities and ature techniques to best meet your needs.

Experience bliss together with a magical, relaxing and therapeutic Tucson couples massage. Couples massage is a fantastic way to make your downtown Tucson date night more exciting, novel and satisfying. Deep Tissue Massage. An ideal treatment for resolving chronic muscle tension and a popular choice for those who need more pressure.

Your massage therapist will target the deeper layers of muscles tissue, often with the use of their forearms, elbows and knuckles. Allow at least 30 minutes for each problem area you'd like to address or 2 hours for a full body treatment. Book a Lower Body Deep Tissue Massage - if you are experiencing sciatica, leg pain, knee pain or low back pain.

Book an Upper Body Deep Tissue Massage - if you are experiencing chronic neck, shoulder, arm and upper back pain. Hot Stone Massage. Experience full body bliss with this time-honored classic massage treatment. Tension melts away as your body and mind sink into a state of deep relaxation. We recommend at least 90 minutes to reach a sense of total restoration. This treatment pairs nicely with our 30 minute post-massage nap add-on. Prenatal Massage. Prenatal massage can help expectant mothers find relief from stress and pain with nurturing, attentive and intuitive hands-on prenatal care.

Prenatal massage is performed with the expectant mother safely resting in a supported side-lying position. Extra pillows and careful draping will be used by the massage therapist to ensure total comfort and support of the mother and her growing baby. Sports Massage. Sports Massage could be considered a form of "soft" training for athletes to care for their bodies and balance out their "hard" training. Soft training allows the body to be like water: quick, fluid and adaptable. Athletes who choose to include soft training will have an advantage over athletes who do not.

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When relaxed, our muscles have a greater potential to react quickly, allowing us to intuitively perform the right actions when the brain wouldn't have enough time to weigh options and make a decision. Strategic Pressure Massage. Strategic Pressure is the perfect choice for addressing specific areas of chronic or acute pain. With the intention of resolving long held tension in the muscles and soft tissue, this treatment uses moderate pressure targeted to coax superficial layers of muscle aside so that deeper layers of muscle can be accessed without force.

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Slow Massage. When life is just too hectic and you need to slow down, Slow Massage will soothe your nervous system and give your body a chance to recover from the effects of toxic stress. You can expect to feel sleepy and nurtured after your therapist crafts a unique treatment intended to induce a state of deep calm.

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Thai Massage. We offer Northern style Thai massage in the traditional setting, where the client remains fully clothed and the massage is performed on a mat on the floor. North style Thai massage is a tension-melting mixture of massage, passive stretching and acupressure. When receiving Thai massage it is important to wear clothing that covers your body while also allowing for complete range-of-motion. Your massage therapist will utilize their hands, elbows, knees and feet while rhythmically applying muscle compression, passive stretches and percussive techniques.

Read Bio With an expansive combination of modalities to offer, including myofascial release, Swedish massage, neuromuscular and energetic therapies, Carter is able to effectively target your concerns. Incorporating energy work in the form of polarity therapy throughout his treatments, Carter's work speaks to his belief in the scientific aspects of the healing arts. He believes in the unseen elements of massage and works to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing to clients who seek it.

Read Bio Monique has been practicing massage since Her work can be described as nurturing, slow and corrective, making her an ideal match for anyone seeking relief from pain associated with pathologies such as sciatica, TMJ disorder or chronic headaches. One of our prenatal specialists, Monique has advanced certification in prenatal massage and eight years of experience in treating expectant mothers.

She also offers deep tissue massage and sports massage, with a focus on injury management. Monique is a patient and caring practitioner, available to help you resolve stress, tension and muscle pain with skill and technical prowess. Having a passion for spa modalities, eastern massage techniques Thai Massageand structural work, Sterling's style can be described as intuitive, dynamic and focused work. He specializes in relieving head, neck, and shoulder pain, having ly had a large client base of desk work professionals. Sterling is excellent at pinpointing the root of an issue to give clients long lasting relief from pain and tension.

Sterling has ample experience in treating TMJ, Sciatica and chronic issues related to posture. Sterling is delighted to serve your pain relief or relaxation needs. Sterling offers Thai Massage and would love to assist in enhancing your flexibility.

Read Bio Jack has been a d massage therapist sinceacquiring his first in Texas. He returned to Tucson, his hometown, in and promptly pursued licensure in Arizona. He describes his massage style as "slow and methodical" with attention to gently releasing trigger points, resulting in decreased pain and increased relaxation.

His clients return again and again to maintain the pain-free feeling they leave with after each session. Read Bio Focusing on a deep rhythmic flow, Josie's massage techniques awaken the senses and quiet the mind. Josie is excellent at pinpointing problem areas to resolve tension. Josie's massage treatment is a a sensory experience, making use of hot towels, cooling salves, and aromatherapy blends. Read Bio Faith has been practicing massage since and specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, energy healing, and myofascial massage.

As a certified Qi Gong instructor, Faith is powered by Qi, the vital energy flowing freely all around us. Deep breathing during each treatment facilitates space for deep relaxation, letting go of tension, stress and worry. Faith is intuitively guided by Great Spirit and is grateful for those who are drawn to work with her. Read Bio With a background in dance and movement, Jesus' massage treatments are influenced by his comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy.

After tearing his right bicep, Jesus was motivated to educate himself in the treatment and prevention of soft tissue injuries so that he could heal his arm and help others with similar injuries. Implementing a wide range of modalities, energy work and pressure, Jesus is certified in Swedish massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, hydro and cryo therapies, reflexology, hot stone and sports massage. A firm believer that life lays between the inhale and the exhale, Jesus sees massage as another opportunity to remember to breathe.

Read Bio With dance-like flow and strong intuitive abilities, Michaela crafts each session to uniquely meet the needs of her clients. Michaela is devoted to a path of service and finds deep fulfillment in offering support for the healing journey of her clients. Read Bio Mars believes that when an individual is invited to expand the range of awareness of their mind, the body can relax and call upon its natural self-healing capacity.

Whether providing a deep, area-specific, therapeutic treatment or a relaxing full body massage, each session flows from her hands, guided by natural intuition and a strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology. She offers intuitive healing bodywork which allows clients to achieve the state of deep relaxation wherein self-healing can occur.

While creating a safe space for clients to consciously let go of stress and tension, Charity is guided by intuition to offer just the right amount of pressure where it is needed most.

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Intuitive healing bodywork responds to the innate intelligence of the physical body, resulting in highly personalized treatments that address clients' most pertinent needs. With advanced training in Thai massage, Charity offers massage therapy guided by the principal of Metta, or loving kindness, the foundation of Thai massage. Meet our Massage Therapists.

Tucson and a massage

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