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Jeanne Vance has been a volunteer for AmeriCorps Seniors for four years.

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Jeanne has been a valuable volunteer and works at a school developed by her daughter, Wanikka Vance, called the Foundation 4 Advancement. Jeanne provides the children a nurturing environment and engages the children to work hard to believe in themselves. Jeanne works daily as a volunteer not only helping with the curriculum, but also with work asments for the children.

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She also assists the children one on one with tablet training. Jeanne is always pitching in to help by assisting with lunch, sanitizing the stations, and keeping the facility clean. Marilyn Hermann remembers the day well—March 10, On that day she learned that due to the COVID pandemic restrictions, the home would be closed to all outside visitors. It was only a matter of getting creative.

Her audience has expanded to several residents she has yet to meet. She shared them with relatives and friends, who, in turn sent them to their friends. As it turns out, she has made new friends living in other senior facilities out of state.

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Santa Claus for all the unit parties. He is an energetic volunteer leader for a program called Real Talk, which brings together community members and volunteers to discuss current events and issues facing their communities. Through the program, Stefan does an incredible job building connections between both volunteers and community members, and he creates an encouraging space for everyone to build empathy by sharing their perspectives and lived experiences.

In doing this, he helped volunteers maintain a space where they could safely connect while physically social distancing. Stefan is an exemplary volunteer with Chicago Cares, and they are so grateful for his continued service! Aparna Ramakrishnan is a high school student dedicated to making a difference. After her own struggles with mental health, she is committed to providing mental health education and accessible resources for students. She created a peer-led nonprofit called Beyond Charity that provides mental health presentations and drives discussions on healthy coping strategies.

As a result of her efforts to destigmatize mental health, she has given 22 presentations domestically and internationally to over 6, students. Additionally, she also worked with Representative Mussman and Yang-Rohr to create HB which mandates schools to include mental health resources on the backs of student identification cards. After testifying before multiple committees, her bill, the Beyond Charity Law, recently passed both the Illinois House and Senate.

Aparna has changed the face of mental health through her efforts and created a community where students are empowered. Her volunteerism, persistence, and kindness make her a perfect candidate for volunteer of the week. She plans to continue her nonprofit and legislative efforts throughout her life, hoping that nobody will have to endure the same challenges she did.

He says this is the most rewarding work that he has ever done. On March 12th, all Foster Grandparents were sent home by the schools along with all the students. Grandpa Ron had been ased one student to work closely with that year. As the year began, the student had difficulties reading and had made so much progress until the dismissal of school. He was even able to give his big sisters tips on how to help their brother continue to succeed in his studies.

Grandpa Ron cannot make it through Walmart without having one of his past students stop him to say hello. Grandpa Ron is loved by the entire staff at Franklin and goes above and beyond to spread sunshine with his co-volunteers and volunteer site. He served as a Friendly Visitor, a program that connects eligible seniors over 60 years of age, living in Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties with carefully screened volunteers who want to make a difference in the lives of seniors. Sincethis program has been making friendship matches, while successfully connecting volunteers with hundreds of seniors in need of companionship.

Stan has worked with Catholic Charities as a Meals on Wheels delivery volunteer, drives seniors to necessary medical appointments, and when asked, also picked up food and other essential items during the COVID shelter in place order.

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Stan also finds time during the holidays to deliver meals and gifts to local seniors. To date, Stan has recorded almost hours as an AmeriCorps member. Hasumati Patel has been volunteering her time and talents to the Westview School Community since December, After raising 3 children that each attended Westview decades ago, Mrs.

Patel came across an article about the elementary school in a community newsletter. The article indicated that the school welcomed volunteers from the community. As an individual who likes to contribute to her community, Mrs. Patel met with the principal to determine how she might be able to help. Since then, Mrs. Patel has been spending hours in the morning, 3 days per week, working with students in small groups.

She plays games, supports children with asments, re books aloud, and listens to students from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade read aloud to her. Children appreciate her gentle and nurturing manner and for many, she has become a surrogate grandmother!

They say that it takes a village to raiseand Westview School is so appreciative to have Mrs. Patel as a positive, contributing member of their school community! Chris Brown is from Le Roy, Illinois. Chris is very intelligent and knew that he did not want losing his sight to stop him from learning and living. He has overcome so much adversity. He is a passionate reader and uses assisted technology to read, use social media, and function independently. He has been a volunteer at Le Roy Elementary School his childhood school for several years now.

Last year he asked to work with the students. He listens attentively and interacts with students in a sincere way. The students absolutely love reading with him. Not only does he listen to students read, but he also has lunch once a week with a small group of 3rd graders. They assist him with getting his tray, walk to a quiet room, and they engage in meaningful conversations. He lets them share parts of their lives and tries to guide them with practical ways to deal with peer pressure and social situations.

He genuinely cares about their well-being and goes out of his way to connect with all students. He also spends one afternoon a week in the classroom assisting with writing and math. He moves about and helps in whatever way he can. Since the schools shut down during the pandemic, Chris graciously provided his so that students could still check in with him.

Some of the students are sending audio recordings of them reading to him. The Le Roy Elementary building is a pre k-6 elementary school in central Illinois. They have several students with autism, mental and physical challenges, and health compromised students.

They are an inclusive school and their students are compassionate and interact with all students. Seeing their students assist Mr. Brown is the essence of the human spirit and goodness that they hope would be the standard everywhere in the world.

She has dedicated her time and skills to fundraising and outreach efforts that support the early identification and treatment of developmental delays in infants and children. As a weekly volunteer to the development department, she offers much-needed administrative support to the fundraising team by preparing materials for events, helping process donations and pitching in however necessary to keep the department running smoothly.

As the mother of with cerebral palsy and a former Board member, Annette is an incredible ambassador for Easterseals. By sharing her personal experience and commitment, she inspires contributions that make a transformative impact on the organization. Annette also connects parent-to-parent and helps maintain a library of resources for families who are new to Easterseals.

She helps parents, siblings and caregivers of children with disabilities find a community of support. She is thorough, dependable and uncompromising when it comes to the quality of her work and her dedication. Annette has logged more hours than any other volunteer within the organization, and is an integral part of the support system that helps build healthy families and empowers children to reach their goals.

Lisa Hickman has been an active festival volunteer at the Douglas-Hart Nature Center, helping fill countless festival positions with her family, organize festival prep, make festival donations, and even help create and run entire stations for the Haunted Hike Festival. On top of all her other duties, Lisa has also been a huge help in redoing the park benches at another one of their properties, the Friendship Garden. Families can come to go on picnics, do photography, have weddings, go on walks, or attend some of the events hosted at the property.

The Douglas-Hart Foundation is so grateful for everything that Lisa has done. She has helped staff so much and impacted families in the community greatly. They offer a full range of programs and services that are participant centered, integrated, modeled using best practices, and deed to reduce the length of time and impact of trauma associated with homelessness and housing instability. In Januarya team was formed to assist with heavy lifting and moving needs for the organization, and Ed has been there every step of the way since its creation.

For such a new team, it is incredible to have his enthusiastic support and willingness to help whenever he is called upon. For example, he often helps with moving heavy furniture from the basement to the attic and helps move boxes from one office to another. Whatever the job, he is always quick to respond and more than willing to help.

Jo Fredell Higgins has generously contributed her time, energy, and expertise to the Aurora community since moving there in She has combined her passions for literature, photography, and service to positively impact the lives of thousands of area residents. For more than three decades, Jo has selflessly sought to make a difference in the lives of Aurora area residents, especially immigrants and children, through the Adult Literacy program at Waubonsee Community College. She first started as a volunteer and then later became a program manager.

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Through her leadership, 1, adults and children learn the English language each year. She has been equally committed to the research and preservation of local history. The John Howard Association JHA independently monitors correctional facilities, policies and practices, and advances reforms needed to achieve a fair, humane and effective criminal justice system. Their work drives change that improves the lives and outcomes for people in prison, and demands better use of limited taxpayer-funded resources.

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The organization re every letter and sent to them, and listens to all voics. In a typical year, JHA receives over 5, letters from prisoners as well as hundreds of calls and s from their loved ones and advocates. Until the offices closed, Michael volunteered on a weekly basis, reading letters, researching and identifying accurate information, and drafting thorough responses.


As a retired attorney, Michael has been ased letters with more complex legal and non-legal questions as well as those that require a sophisticated understanding of statutes. In reading the letters, and visiting the facilities Michael has become passionate about prisoner access to legal information.

Prior to the pandemic, Michael regularly participated in monitoring visits to state prisons, and during a visit would independently investigate the quality of each prison law library, interview staff and prisoners to identify the available resources and ways in which unmet needs impact people reliant on the library to further their cases.

Louis, IL. The Anti-Cruelty Society is a comprehensive animal welfare organization whose mission is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. Hilary is an exceptional volunteer who has attended various cat socialization projects like: High Arousal Play, Spa Treatment, and In-Kennel Clicker cat training. Although she was only in eighth grade, she recognized the importance of service and how she could contribute something to help others in need. Now, over 10 years later, Stuffed Love has continued to distribute thousands of hand-stitched pillows each year.

So far, Stuffed Love has partnered with many organizations across the country and shared that little bit of hope with veterans, individuals with developmental disabilities, those facing economic difficulties, and more.

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