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We loved this church. The worship was inspiring, the teaching was challenging, and Sunday mornings were filled with energy and joy. We attended for six years. In those six years, we never got involved. We simply attended on Sunday and went home. Amidst so many opportunities to be involved in the body of the church, we chose not to make an effort. Honestly, Amy was ready and eager; I was not. Many of my excuses were typical: too busy, not enough time, stress from work, etc. Upon reflection, I cannot justify these excuses.

We all have full plates and lives that are scrambled with responsibilities—professional, social, familial. In six years, no one from the church ever invited us to an event, home group, or Bible study. In six years, no pastor, staff member, or church member ever reached out. In my mind, it was their responsibility to reach out to me.

I was quite happy to remain the new guy for six years, and not say hello to someone first. I was wrong. I had a selfish and entitled perspective.

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My perspective has changed. Every Sunday, I see firsthand how intimidating it can be to attend a new church for the first time, and how easy it is to feel lost on a Sunday morning. I also meet new folks who are eager to experience all that LBF has to offer, and those that have a thick skin on; just like I once did. As a pastoral staff, it is important for us to reach out to new folks. Every new person at LBF receives an or a call or both from me, and the pastors, staff, and elders post ourselves with name tags on Sunday mornings in an effort to come in contact with as many first-time guests as we can.

We want to be welcoming, we try to be welcoming, and there are fewer joys on a Sunday morning beyond making a real connection with someone who is brand new to LBF. Yet, as hard as we try as a staff, and as sincere as we are in our desire to be welcoming, we will never be able to do it as well as you. Kindness from you will always mean more than kindness from me. My hope is that each of us will dig a little deeper and keep an eye out for new folks at church. Some are long-time Christians; some are brand new to the faith. LBF is your home. Yet each Sunday, there are strangers that wander around your home, looking to be accepted.

As you look to attend church this Sunday, here are a few things to keep in mind. That effort shows that we are going to try to reflect Jesus, and that gesture could be the first bit of Jesus that person has ever received. Sunday Service Times 9 a.

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Remember High School? For many of us, nothing was more important than being accepted and making friends in school. As adults, not much has changed. That feeling of intimidation is there with most of us when we are in a new environment. If someone looks new, they probably are. Lost and Confused.


If someone on our campus looks lost and confused, approach them and see if you can help. Either way, trying to be helpful to someone who clearly looks lost shows care and kindness. And who knows… it may lead to a conversation over a donut. This is Your Home.

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Because LBF is your home, that makes a new person your guest. If they are your guest, that means you are also their host. If you see yourself as a host, that means you will naturally want to show hospitality and generosity. Ask them to sit next to you, save them a seat, buy them a cup of coffee.

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Any kind gesture carries weight and shows warmth. Back to Blog Home. August 15, How to Respond to Three Pro-life Objections.

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Sunday I can host

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