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The Bronze Party is referred to as a "lifestyle party," a modernized term for what many refer to as swinger's parties. Downstairs at the party, women wear stilettos and fishnet stockings and mingle with their ificant others.

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Many take off garments as the hours pass. Upstairs, there's what's referred to as a "play room," full of mattresses covered in red sheets, where couples tend to gravitate later in the evening.

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They may have sex with each other. They may switch partners. Some just watch. These types of events are nothing new, but what makes this one different is its high-tech nature. He said there are 1, active profiles for people who attend the Bronze Party.

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Fuller and a colleague also run Modern Lifestyle, an online platform that connects about 50 sex clubs around the country. Their software gives people the ability see who's attending events and purchase tickets. Fuller also capitalizes on some of the tech-oriented members in his own backyard.

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He says there are several tech entrepreneurs who attend events and provide valuable feedback. Stella has been with her husband, Greg, both engineers, for 10 years. They've been swapping partners for two of them. Members are also discovering the Bronze Party through apps like Secret, which allows users to post anonymously, Fuller says.

In the '70s, swinging was often random. At the end of the night, men would put their keys in a bowl, women would pick a key and go home with the guy who owned it. Those communities still exist, but tech is now making it easier for people to find one another, Fuller says.

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The event details Are smart drugs driving Silicon Valley? Inside a high-tech swingers party. CNNMoney Sponsors.

Swingers: Hooking Up With Strangers

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