One date per week

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Relationships are hard to come by and even harder to make work in the long term. For some people they are a mystery too obscure to solve. Emily Morse, sexologist, author and host of the Sex with Emily podcast and weekly co-host of nationally syndicated radio show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, believes that you should stick to your commitments. Demonstrate you are a man of your word. Ultimately, women are looking to see if you are going to make a good boyfriend, and possibly husband and father.

Women want a man who is patient, kind, interesting and interested. For access to exclusive gear videos, celebrity interviews, and more, subscribe on YouTube! The first week is probably the most intense part of dating. You need to determine if you like the girl you are dating and, well, if she likes you, too.

For that to happen, you need to communicate. Get to know each other in person, because I think people prematurely escalate over text before they even know each other. I would try to keep that to a minimum and make a real date. Be yourself. The truth always comes out later. Take her out.

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Maybe the second or third date would be okay. But you need to start things off at a public location. She will feel inclined to show you some places or activities she enjoys, and you may find you have even more in common than you knew. Smell good, look good and be confident. Please do not show up on a date in sweats. Look at least like you tried to care about what you are wearing.

Women like confident men, but not cocky men. Take care of the first few meals and transportation if necessary. I know this is old school, but the truth is you should still pay for the first few dates. Or at least that you are not cheap. No cell phones. This should go without saying, but put down the damn phone. Live in the moment. She should be the most important thing. If you absolutely must use your cell, let her know before you need to do it.

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Make eye contact. Stop staring at her breasts. Wandering eyes mean wandering mind. Ask questions. If all you do is talk, you will never get to know her. Ask lots of things about her: her interests, her past and her ideas. Do not Facebook her. Same goes for any other social media. Carry condoms. You should be able to afford these or get them for free at a clinic. Later on, you can talk about other forms of birth control. This is the week of getting to know the girl you met, making more of an effort, rearranging your schedule and finding some cool spots to take her.

This is also the time to show her what a great kisser you are. Women are more impressed with small gestures that let you know you care. Be a conversationalist and ask questions. Make her feel special and compliment her. Be specific. Something that pertains to her as an individual. Who wants to hear about a past relationship in any capacity during the first few dates? You can tell us about exes down the road, but, for now, stick to the basics.

Take her on a date that involves neither drinking nor eating.

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Especially by the time you get to a second or third date. Sober usually is the best way to get to know someone. If you or she had one too many drinks on the first date because you were nervous, make up for it with clearheaded conversation. No bodily functions. Wait to fart and burp in front of her until after the first couple of months. We all know you do it we do, toobut you can refrain. Lots of attention paid to the lips Kissing is sexy. Good kissing is sexier. There is a fine line between being playfully physical with a woman you are into a woman and pawing at her like an animal.

Women like to be touched, but not groped. This is the time when you stop putting all your energy into work and making money and actually devote some time to her. Let her know you care. The issues you have on the third date you will have forever. Make yourself available. We are all busy, but being too busy is a red flag that work is the most important thing in your life. Do you want to be single forever?

Find time in your schedule to include her. If you are into being committed, you will find the time.

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Casual does not mean uncaring. Casual can be fun, enticing and feel good. But you should also make spending time with her a priority. Be honest and open. Your female friends might have told you to wait a few days to text or call your date. But why? And waiting a week is too long. Give her a fair shot.

Not every relationship will be like your ones. Treat each woman like a new beginning. Give her a chance. Call and at least pretend to be interested in what she has to say.

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The key is to listen. The only way you are going to know if you like a girl is if you actually know she has a brain and can communicate. She might tell you the most boring shit imaginable, but at least pretend that you care. Do nice things without expecting something in return.

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Be thoughtful. Women like to receive presents and know you are thinking about them. Just a thoughtful text or cooking her favorite dinner is a nice gesture. Hanging out with friends is great, but you need to be alone together.

I suggest that friends should not be involved until after the first month. Before then, get to know a little about who you are dating. The friends will come but, for now, chill. Group dates in which half the party is strangers are a bad idea. But make sure you both are on the same. Be honest about your feelings with her. So the more you reveal yourself, the better able you are to connect on deeper levels. If you are seeing other women, tell her. Be honest. Women like honesty. And if you start to spend more time with her, you need to make a decision.

Laugh, and try to make her laugh, too.

One date per week

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