Need dick sucked good

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Start by finding the right background song. A song that makes you feel invincible and sets the mood. Slowly ease your way by nibbling on his ear, biting his neck, licking his nipples, kissing your way down to his abdomen, kissing his inner thighs and then diving right it. Guys love to be teased. This is the first and very important step when giving your man head. Start by kissing the tip, gently caressing it with your tongue and putting your whole mouth on it. It needs to feel like you are French kissing the tip of the dick. Wet and warm. Twist your head in different ways around his penis and continue sucking on it.

While using your tongue to caress the tip, try going in a circular motion. Your lips should grip tightly on his penis so the friction feels better. Be careful with the teeth. Use your hands. While sucking on his penis, use your left hand to stroke up and down and your right hand to lightly squeeze and play with his testicles one ball at a time.

It might be hard trying to do all three at the same time but if you get a hang of it, it is extremely easy. Important: Give light strokes on the tip followed by one firm stroke down the shaft. Rub your fingers all over. It should feel like you are giving him a dick massage. When giving head, the testicles are often being left out and that is also a very sensitive part. You can stop and use your hands to play with his testicles. That way you are still pleasing him but also taking a break. If you are very daring, you can also suck on the testicles flick your tongue around it. Important: When sucking his testicles, keep stroking his dick.

To spice things up, try giving him head with something cold or warm.

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You can experiment with ice cubes, mint, fizzy drink cokechampagne, warm tea and ice cream. For starters, try using ice cube… You can put an ice cube in your mouth and suck his penis. This le to fireworks and intense sensation. Let your rhythms vary. You know how with sex, every stroke gets deeper?

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Well it is quite similar to head. Try going down at your own pace, there is no rush.

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There are so many things you can do with your mouth. Start by planting soft kisses on his penis to gagging on it to sucking on his balls and finally slithering your tongue down his penis. Versatility is key. Sloppy head is the best head.

You need to add a lot of saliva to the equation not over the top but well lubricated. If your mouth is dry, drink some water first to moisten it.

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If you are giving him head with dry mouth, the friction causes pain and discomfort to both you and the man. You can avoid this by spitting on the tip and using your mouth to spread it all over his penis. Your mouth needs to feel as good as your pussy feels. You probably think this will look gross and messy but to be honest, guys love it and they think it is sexy.

Important : Wet and Sloppy. The messier, the better. You should want this as bad as he wants it. You are on your knees because you personally want to please him and not because he wants it. Add some passion to it. Important: Make sounds groaning and when slurping on his penis. It also proves that you enjoy it as well. Make eye contact. Some people believe eye contact while giving head can be really creepy but eye contact is literally looking at him enjoy the pleasures you are giving him.

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Indirectly you are getting to know what he likes just by staring at him. Pay attention to how he reacts to things you do to him his body movements and moans. You can either try 69 or something else that can be more engaging.

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Swallow Optional. This is totally your call ladies. If you do feel comfortable with this, the secret behind it is not tasting it but swallowing as soon as it gets in your mouth. This is where your imagination comes into play. Imagine it is ice-cream, yoghurt and swallow it like the big girl you are.

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You get to decide… Spit or Swallow. That is all. So ladies, go please your man. in. Felicia C. Zee Follow. I Love You Relationships now. Sex Erotica Dating Relationships Sexuality. I Love You Follow. Written by Zee Follow. More From Medium. They say rapture is the feeling I am supposed to have for G-D. Rivka Wolf. Everything you need to know about CEF. Tabooless in Tabooless. Amber Embers in Tantalizing Tales. Part Time Wino in Sex and Satire. Rick Berlin in Small.

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Part Time Wino in Sexography.

Need dick sucked good

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