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Thread starter james h Start date Jun 28, It is a very clean cozy semi legit spa located right on Yonge st. They have popular star slim and sexy Ella Mimi from Superior and a tall and slim very friendly Cici on duty.

Tel They will have young and petite beautiful Tina, super sweet Candy and sexy and fun Cindy on duty. Mimi is here until 9pm. She'll make you cum and cum Golden Rose Water Blue Nile Wellness center They will have 4 very friendly girls petite Candysweet and friendly Yoyo aka Rena, Sophia and super friendly Coco on duty. Open am to pm daily. Call or text: or just drop in. Oct Aurora is available for erotic massage. She is very slim, beautiful and 21 years old.

M1V 0B3. Jennifer: am to pm She is very young Vietnamese Student, very similar to Ruby! We have three young brown girls from India and Guyana at each of our two spas today 2 Invergordon : McCowan and Birchmount : Warden and On the east side of Yonge St. Full season wellness center: New girl big boobs High buttocks, deep massage Coco, Big breasted saucy naughty Ella,Enchanting sexy petite deep massage Mary. ed Sep 20, Messages 60 Reaction score 0 Points 6. This time I went to the schwa to see a PM specialist, or so she claims, what a mistake.

I contacted her via e-mail and she replied with a contact and a picture. The picture is her for sure, but it is about 25 years ago, I did not know this until my visit. When I called her she said she was 55 and said she had raves about her PM massage so I figured why not.

When I got there I was greeted by a grey haired woman. She is very pleasant to talk to and she admitted that she was 60, but that is where her talent ends. The starting massage was nothing to talk about. Then the turn and down to business. The whole session was similar to what I can get from my doctor, what a terrible session. She thinks she is really good at what she does, but I'm sorry she just plain is not. She has a nice set of boobs but I suspect they were man mades because they were just too firm for her age.

Also she had a terrible rash all over her which she attributed to a medication she was on this could be true, I've seen it happen. Nothing else other than boobs are offered. My opinion, stay away and put your money to better use.

She talks the talk, but cannot walk the walk. By the way, she has about 30 birds, plus cats and dogs who are running around you the whole time and at one point a cat ed me on the table. How cute Danny G Member. ed Jul 24, Messages 56 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Thanks for toftt.

The rash part freaks me out!! Nothing pustular on her body right meaning no pimples with pus forming? And as for the animals, hilarious!!! Cant believe you stuck around to get the whole experience. Twizzler Member. ed Aug 28, Messages 48 Reaction score 0 Points 6. I do not think he is mean at all. He actually complimented you a few times. However, the rash is certainly something people should know about. Whatever the cause, why would I ever trust a stranger when there are obvious physical s something is not right.

Shanshannon Member. ed Feb 1, Messages 45 Reaction score 0 Points 6. He review was honest and to the point. This is what massageplanet. Many men are glad he posted it, including myself. It's the jerk who told you about it that has the issues. ed Sep 11, Messages 44 Reaction score 0 Points 6. R2D2 is right Carmen is a terrible experience, Rash does not begin to explain the skin, animals are everywhere, her apartment is a disgusting mess, her massage table had been chewed by a dog?

No Carmen, R2D2 was being more than honest, you are the worst massage provider I have ever had the misfortune to come across. He has said nothing disrespectful, it is you who has no respect for your clients. ed Aug 8, Messages 43 Reaction score 0 Points 6. This post is about you, Camren Jones.

It is not about how women are treated here on massageplanet. R2D2 did not make a "big deal" out of your rash - he even said it is possible due to medication. If he was truly mean, he would have said "she has a terrible rash" without even mentioning your side of the story. Why are you so concerned about the one possible bad review when you have many other men who like you? Why would you also not consider being off work for a while until your rash is gone? Ubaida Member. ed Mar 26, Messages 49 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Well Carmen has messaged me and said I am full of shit, so now the gloves are off.

Carmen is the worst massage ever. Don't go, her apartment building is a run-down white-trash building that I am sure has regular car break ins.

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Carmens apartment is a pig sty, full of dirt and animals. Her massage table is chewed by her animals, she sets it up in front of her television, since there is no room elsewhere. Carmen is a rip off. She has so little respect for the customers who are paying, she will not even clean up her apartment. As for her rash, I have no idea the cause, but it is gross and she certainly has no business showing it read her body to anybody but a dermatologist. I wonder if it is something contagious and as such I will be contacting the Oshawa health department to report the possibility of communicable disease being passed around by a person advertising massages.

I am sure when they are referred to this specific thread they will be sure to pay a visit. Carmen you need to seriously reconsider your skills, abilities and offerings. It is neither R2D2 nor I that are wrong, it is you. ed Feb 9, Messages 57 Reaction score 0 Points 6. What happened to her response? Who deleted it? Blaziken Member.

ed Sep 21, Messages 65 Reaction score 0 Points 6. I bet she did, realized she is the one in the wrong. Sometimes it is best just to ignore a bad review, this might be what she has realized. Pompal Well-Known Member.

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ed Feb 9, Messages 43, Reaction score 31 Points She's gotta be kidding! Not getting that rash Getting her correct age Imagine getting busted with a cat on the table? Let's all pray for r2d2 and hope this Oshawa visit doesn't change his sexuality. Fuck C3PO for not warning you!!! Sorry to read about your bad experience. I have been following this for the duration That is more or less a rule here but I like many thank you for posting in anyways. There should be exceptions to the rule. Yes some of us men are mean spirited but most of us are here to find out about who to see and who not to see.

Like it or not Carmen he was honest and had nothing to hide and provided this board with the information that many others have in the past and will in the future to base a decision on. Carmen has provided information and deleted it which will factor into that same decision. Hopefully you learn from this experience.

You may have thought that what you did was correct but you may find out otherwise given her reaction to members of this board. Hypnotic Member.

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ed Oct 28, Messages 48 Reaction score 0 Points 6. ed Apr 9, Messages 48 Reaction score 0 Points 6. A quick way to stop the negativity carmen is to smarten up with your customer service.

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You have requested NRP's in the past only to get turned down because your client service skills leave much to be desired. As long as you are promoting yourself in a public manner, there will be reviews and as long as you treat your clientel with disrespect and threats you will continue to get negativity thrown your way.

Massage for men Oshawa

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