Love is to be worship

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Most of us are responsible for ourselves, our families, our homes, our work and our church. Each of those responsibilities has many components that take our time and energy each and every day. Not only are we busy in the 21 st century, but we have an unprecedented of distractions in life that can keep us from fulfilling our responsibilities.

Never before in the history of mankind have we had the ability to connect with basically unlimited information and entertainment at the click of a button, whether on the internet, via direct access television or on our smart phones. That represents unprecedented communication opportunity and unprecedented distraction possibility.

Love So Great - Hillsong Worship

With so many distractions, many people are living unfocused lives, unsure of what they should be prioritizing in life. None of us has an unlimited amount of time to accomplish the things that God wants us to accomplish in life. We have a limited of days in this life.

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God wants us to understand our limited lifespans and prioritize our lives with godly wisdom so that we can complete the tasks that God has for us. Life is not about pleasing ourselves, it is about pleasing our Creator and doing the things that He created us to do. When we do that, we will not only enjoy this life, but we will be preparing for an incredible eternity.

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Each of these priorities are things that God wants us to love and pursue with all of our hearts. In this series, we will be talking first of all about Loving God. For the believer, God is to be our one priority in life. The confession of every believer that Jesus is Lord acknowledges that He is first place in every aspect of our lives.

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One of the most important ways that we express our love for God is through worship. Worship is an expression of reverence, of bowing before God, of honoring Him. Worship is not just something we do when we sing worship songs on Sundays. Worship is to be a part of our daily lives, expressing our love for God. Life Church St. Louis Blog. Features Summaries Life Church St. Louis Contact. Loving God through Worship Psalm Published: Sun, Jun 22, Written by Pastor Dan Walker. Powered by Top Church Websites.

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Love is to be worship

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