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The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Most government ing terms are a bit more obscure than people tend to use in their day-to-day life. Chances are, if you've had to discuss taxes or another financial matter with a government ant, by the time the conversation was over you were left feeling like your head was spinning trying to grasp exactly what the ant was talking about.

A positive correlation is a relationship between two variables where if one variable increases, the other one also increases. A positive correlation also exists in one decreases and the other also decreases. All rights reserved.

Home Sentence Spend-time Spend-time sentence example spend-time. I can spend time researching it or I can try to duplicate. I then spend time with Marie talking about a lottery bid I am making and she has agreed to help me with. With these procedures, all of the children in a classroom are asked to rate how much they like to play with or spend time with each of their classmates. Parents may want to spend time with their children, or desperately crave a break from them. Most of all, he wanted to tell her that he had never met a women who affected him the way she did, and he wanted to spend time with her, lots of time.

That was the man she had been neglecting lately to spend time with the twins. But the desire of each ally to make conquests on his own led them to spend time and strength in sieges. They listen to Christmas music, have eggnog and hot cider, eat nuts and spend time with family and friends in the evening.

Bergkamp the man has always eschewed the limelight, preferring to spend time with his family. You must spend time reading the wine list before you choose as there are many wines to miss and you may regret haste. Plan to spend time on deck and on the Bridge watching our powerful icebreaker at work and looking out for polar bears. Maya is an instantly likeable character that any man would just love to spend time with. You do not need to spend time off-site to train and you can be sure of consistency in course content and standards. Day 8: Spend time watching the powerful Kapitan Khlebnikov crush her way through dense pack ice.

You can ask to be present and spend time in private discussing the pros and cons with your relative before they the form. A life extravagantly in the morning of an evening in berlin stokes g.

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A discreet little spend time with. You can slay trolls and dragons, spend time shopping for new togs, or sending messages to your friends. Some kids play truant in order to spend time with friends in their home area. Do I really want to spend time maintaining a debate on top of my blog? Sometimes even just having the rare opportunity to spend time away from the everyday pressures of running a business can catalyze more visionary thinking. My mother always tries to persuade me to spend time with my younger siblings.

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Kevin would rather spend time with Bob, his optimistic friend, than his cynical and gloomy friend, Victor. I do not like to spend time with my aunt, who is known to prate for hours about her ridiculous religious beliefs. Don't take time away from your child too often to spend time with this new person.

The best way to decide if a chair is for you is to find a store that has one set up, and spend time testing it out. In many cases, you can spend time with the child to see if your interests are compatible.

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Babies also love to spend time playing, singing, laughing, and talking with their parents. Instead of happiness and love, he or she may experience anger and fear, so it's very important that families spend time fostering a bond with the. At a rescue organization, spend time alone with the dog you are considering. It's something that a person should spend time giving a lot of thought.

Grooming tools- These keep your cat looking and feeling good, and offer a pleasurable way to spend time together. Given the opportunity, most cats will spend time gazing through windows at the great outdoors. Your best option is to visit a breeder's home and spend time there playing with the cats. It will speed up the process, teach them about baking and it is a fun way to spend time with family members. Cats that spend time outdoors may become ill, get in fights, get hit by a car or be attacked by dogs.

The most important step in teaching to read is to spend time reading with her as often as possible. In today's busy world, it can be hard for families to settle down and spend time together without a lot of distractions such as television and video games. Summer reading programs offer more than just a fun way for children to spend time with their friends while on school vacation.

The child may spend time on weekends and holidays in the other parent's home instead.

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Delve into your work, spend time on your hobbies, or find something new to do. The non-custodial parent has the right to spend time with his or her children. If you will be handling things yourself, you will need to work out a schedule that allows the non-custodial parent to spend time with the child regularly. Marriages in which the couple creates reasons to spend time together typically last longer. All of these fun activities will distract you from a co-parent who may not be the ideal person you would want to spend time with.

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If your kids are older, planning a walk at sunset is a fun way to spend time together. The country living room is a gathering place for families to spend time together. Get client referrals and spend time talking with at least two clients before making a decision. If you're intimidated by this aspect of a formal setting, just remember that the set-up is supposed to be functional and make it easier for you to serve your meal and spend time with your guests.

So make the room as comfy and cozy as possible and make it a warm room for you and your loved ones to spend time in. There aren't any right or wrong choices, only those that make you feel happy and pleased to spend time in your newly decorated bedroom. Incorporate the same decorating elements you would in any other room and make it a place you actually want to spend time in! Is it a place where you come to cook and relax, spend time with family, or entertain guests?

Once you know what you want, spend time searching for the best prices on each item on your list. Ultimately the decision is up to you, but one option is to spend time browsing for your favorite scent in the stores where you can actually try it on and experience the aroma mixed with your body chemistry. Knowing good stage makeup techniques is important for those that spend time under bright lights and in the public eye. While many fantasy football team owners spend time reading about player performance and injury, ificantly fewer pay attention to coaching changes.

Don't spend time searching for information that you can find on Merrill Lynch's specialized website. This is important for those who want to spend time on their virtual pet around the office and need to be able to look like they are working on something else. Exercise: Your virtual dog likes the personal attention when you spend time with it, but beyond that dogs also need exercise.

Get your family involved in the cooking process for a fun way to spend time with them on Easter. Creating a favorite scrapbook is a way to spend time pleasing yourself for a change. Friends: Whether you have one best friend or group of chums you like to spend time with, it's nice to capture some of these memories for your favorite scrapbook. Pack up your family and spend time together. A vacation doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant; you can get away from your stress by visiting a local day spa, enjoying a favorite activity, or just finding a way to spend time relaxing right at home.

Put the laundry on as soon as you get home from work, spend time with the family and after dinner, go back, and fold it. Do I attend unnecessary meetings or spend time in meetings that are consistently unproductive? Tennis players will spend time working out in the gym to build muscle. Choosing to spend time one on one with a special girl is worth cherishing, so do your homework first to do everything you can to ensure it will turn out all right! Provide a supportive, nurturing and loving family environment where parents have an appropriate parenting style and spend time having meals and interacting positively with their children.

Those looking for a more artistic way to spend time on the ice may enjoy the Bozeman Figure Skating Club. The goal of this organization is to allow youth to spend time in a positive environment instead of staying home alone. It's another way you two can spend time together without worrying about him reading too much into your gift.

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An adolescent model's life is much like any other teenagers in some respects; adolescent models still have to go to school, deal with the dramas that the teenage years bring, and still have time to have fun and spend time with friends. Softball Umpire: you can spend time outside, do it a few summers in a row, and the pay is decent. If he feels as if his parents do not pay enough attention to him until he gets into trouble, then he may be more likely to do something such as steal a CD or shirt than a teenager who has parents who regularly spend time with him.

Singing: Singing songs together, or having everyone play a musical instrument is a great way to spend time with a youth group. It's also a great idea if your parents are still a bit concerned about letting you spend time out after prom. When the weather is too threatening or extreme to spend time outdoors, it's important for parents to have a variety of indoor games at the ready. You don't have to necessarily go anywhere -- it's just as good to spend time talking, relaxing, or having a quiet dinner at home together.

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Be sure to spend time with everyone and to take a lot of pictures. Ease: It is easier to distribute cupcakes to wedding guests than to spend time - and possibly more money - cutting a wedding cake into appropriate proportions.

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Enjoy the day and spend time with your guests. Part of the recovery process is to stop associating with people who are still using and spend time with people who are living sober lives. Lance even traveled to France before each race to spend time on the actual trail. Given that she is so busy with her career, it's amazing that she even gets a chance to spend time with her current boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

Looking to spend some fun time

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