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The answer: About 0. And a little more context shows that this fraction is actually incredibly high.

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Because talking about portions of a percentage can be confusing, this concept is more often expressed as a rate: The United States currently incarcerates perpeople. The rate is out of , rather than 1, or 10, because back when incarceration was much rarer you needed a larger denominator to express the rate in whole s. But either way, these are all different ways of expressing the same percentage.

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In some ways, though, looking at the portion of a country that is incarcerated understates the sheer size of mass incarceration, because the denominator includes many groups that are infrequently incarcerated. For example, no toddlers, few adolescents, and not very many teenagers are incarcerated. Rather than calculating how many people in the U. There is another way to look at the scale and uniqueness of the U. As of Augustthe newest available data on incarceration in both the U. Other articles Full bio Contact.

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Quick action could slow the spread of the viral pandemic in prisons and jails and in society as a whole. And our other newsletters: Research Library updates?

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Prison gerrymandering campaign? Support us Can you make a tax-deductible gift to support our work?

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Stay Informed :. Prison Policy Initiative newsletter? Research Library? Prison gerrymandering? Recommended Reading:. Five ways the criminal justice system could slow the pandemic Quick action could slow the spread of the viral pandemic in prisons and jails and in society as a whole.

The "services" offered by jails don't make them safe places for vulnerable people Even in the best of times, jails are not good at providing health and social services. The most important statistics from our work on policing Racial disparities, bloated budgets, the criminalization of homelessness, and more. Is social distancing possible behind bars? It's even harder than on cruise ships or in nursing homes.

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