Looking for female for breast play

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It's a truth universally acknowledged that breasts are incredibly awesome. Whether they're big or small, perky or slightly saggy, or real or surgically enhanced, boobs are a lot of fun to look at—not to mention touch. So you probably want to know how to play with them in a way that's pleasurable for both you and your partner.

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Luckily, there's a very simple answer to this question: just ask your partner what they like! Lots of people really, really enjoy breast play. There's even some evidence to suggest that a few lucky folks can have an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. The nipples have a ton of nerve endings, and studies have shown that the nerve endings in the nipples stimulate the same part of the brain as the clitoris does: the genital-cortex. The nipples, brain, and genitals actually end up "talking to each other" during nipple play, using the spinal cord as a messenger system.

Here is an example of how that conversation definitely goes. Brain to nipple: Oh, yeah, gurl, you like that? Nipple to brain: Yeah, gurl. We are here for that! Brain to genitals: Hey, gurl.

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You are experiencing positive sexual touch, mk? Genitals to brain: Oh, ok, gurl. Brain to genitals: Awesome, gurl. I am having a great time, too. And thus, the clitoris becomes engorged, the labia swell, and the vagina becomes lubricated.

In some instances, vulva-owners can get that indirect genital stimulation so fired up that they climax from nip-play alone. That being said, 7. And even if your partner does want you to play with their breasts, you should handle them with care: While one person might like to be lightly bitten, another may find that kinda painful. Here are a few general tips for mastering your partner's pleasure zonesas well as some moves you'd probably be better off avoiding. According to a UCLA study, women who are unhappy with their breast size are 16 times more likely to hide their breasts during sex.

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Which is a bummer, because you don't just want to see your partner's breasts—you also want them to feel safe and secure and turned-on. It might help to compliment your partner's breasts early in foreplay. As Debby Herbenick, PhD, ly explained to Men's Healthnipples vary widely in terms of sensitivityso if you're not quite sure what your partner likes, you need to work your way up to nipple stimulation. Start off by gently stroking or massaging the tops, bottoms, and sides of their breasts. Alternate with lightly kissing their neck, earlobes, and collarbone. That'll help build anticipation and leave them wanting more.

When you feel like your partner is ready—and if they're making a lot of noise or writhing around with pleasure, they're probably ready—move onto the areola, the dark-colored circle that surrounds the nipple, which is actually more sensitive than the nipple itself. Gently stroke the nipple and circle the areola with a finger, or circle the nipple with your thumb and forefinger.

If your partner seems to be enjoying things, use your tongue to very lightly draw circles around their nipple. If their nipple is erect, gently flick it with your tongue a few times before slowly and gently taking the nipple into your mouth. Alternate between licking and sucking on the nipple. After a while, you can give your mouth a break and go back to gently circling and stroking their nipples—they might enjoy the varying pressure.

Even if your partner is writhing and moaning with pleasure, you shouldn't get carried away and bite or pull their nipple without her consent. If you sense that your partner might like it rough, ask, "Do you want more? While some people really enjoy rough breast play, others do not, and you don't want to interrupt your good time or theirs by crossing that line without their consent. Not everyone is into rougher breast play, but some people are! Just be sure you ask first and communicate before jumping in and doing whatever you want this goes for any sexual activity, BTW.

So if your partner has larger breasts, you may want to spend more time stimulating the outer sides of their breasts, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips. Similarly, if your partner is pregnant, nursing, or on their period, their nipples will be tender. And this is assuming that your partner wants you to play with their breasts at all—many people with boobs do not, particularly if they're breastfeeding.


Focus on your partner's underboob, which is a frequently neglected area, and gently cup and support their breasts. If you're into accessories, take your breast and nipple play to the next level by using nipple clamps or suction devices. These toys provide a different, more intense sensation than simply caressing or pinching your partner's nipples with your own hands. Nipple clamps also allow for consistent nipple stimulation. See what we did there? You can increase sensation as you move along and they become more aroused.

Then, add in stimulation of the clitoris, either with hands, mouth, or a sex toy.

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Feeling something cold or hot on certain areas of the body can send a shock through the system, especially when those body parts are extra-sensitive, like the nipples. When it comes to temperature play on the breasts, run a cold or hot object around their nipples, and then over each one. Simply grab an ice cube from the freezer and have at it.

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Try holding the ice cube in your mouth and use it to draw circles around the areola. Now, combine all this with some stimulation of the clitoris and you might be in a R-I-D-E. To deliver a surprising warm sensation, you could take a sip of hot tea before gently sucking on their nips. To make this extra kinky, you can gently restrain your partner.

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Looking for female for breast play

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