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Originally published on UN-Women. By now, every corner of the world has felt the devastating impact of the pandemic, and women and girls in science are on the front lines of response. They are healthcare workers and innovators. They are researching vaccines and pioneering treatments.

They are leading us toward a safer world, and inspiring the next generation of girls to be forces of good in science and tech. Women make up 70 per cent of health and social care workers. This puts them at the heart of COVID response, even though they are often underrepresented in decision-making and leadership. Entela Kolovani a physician at the hospital of infectious diseases in Tirana, Albania who started treating patients diagnosed with COVID at the very beginning of the pandemic.

They are totally isolated from their families and we need to stay the closest possible to them. In Mexico, 79 per cent of nurses are womenlike Brenda Abad. Inher company developed the first approved RNA-based vaccine against COVID, which came as a much-needed moment of hope in a year of unprecedented crisis.

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More than 1, people from over 60 countries currently work at BioNTech, and more than half of them are women. Yet, her idea that mRNA could be used to fight disease was deemed too radical, too financially risky to fund at the time. She applied for grant after grant, but kept getting rejections. She was even demoted from her position. Nevertheless, she persisted. That discovery is now the basis of the Covid vaccine. Anika, a year-old Indian American, had started her science project in her bedroom when she was in eighth grade, initially looking to find a treatment for the influenza virus.

That meant studying and researching the pandemics that affected the world throughout history, until she started actually living through one. She identified a lead molecule that can selectively bind to the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and potentially inhibit the novel corona virus.

While COVID containment measures led to long periods of isolation and stay-at-home orders, many found themselves trapped in unsafe relationships or violent environments. Megs Shah and Fairuz Ahmed recognized the need for new technology to best reach those in need, and to enable the service provider organizations to actually connect with domestic violence survivors and manage cases virtually. The Parasol Cooperative, founded by Shah and Fairuz, is working to educate and connect survivors and those in need, and the service providers.

Their innovative technology, inspired by their own experiences and informed by their work with survivors, aims to offer the comfort and education of support groups to the most vulnerable populations being affected by domestic violence.

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The " COVID Tracker by 5Lab ", that Jennie worked on shared information about outbreaks and cleaning procedures, as well as critical information about where testing is available and how much it costs. Despite this, women and girls are pushing the boundaries every day. Corbett is part of a team within the National Institutes of health that worked to develop one of the vaccines which is more than 90 per cent effective.

Recognizing Dr. Corbett hopes that her critical work will help inspire future generations of girls of colour in science, who can see themselves in her success.

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Give them a shoutout on social media using WomenInScience. Open Menu. Home News and events. Women in science who are making a difference during the pandemic.

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