Looking company for tonite

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The barely filled dance hall felt more like a high school dance than a Hollywood nightclub. All three met while playing football at UCLA.

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According to Orjioke and Juels, tickets were oversold, leading to an angry crowd of would-be party guests waiting outside the venue in downtown LA. After, guests were refunded, and until their most recent Halloween event, Tonite went dark, even as I kept in touch with Orjioke for news of the next event.

In a dazzling show of over-hyped ineptitude, it took an entire calendar year for Tonite to organize its second event this past Sunday.

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Those who do, will be removed from the event by security. Orjioke said both T. Diddy showed up after I had left. While attending the event, held in an Armenian cultural center in Hollywood, it became abundantly clear that few, if any, UCLA students were present.

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There was, indeed, an open bar as promised. Outside of the event there was also a cigar bar, as well as burgers, fries and tacos interestingly plated on what appeared to be sushi boats.

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Luxury cars, including Bentleys and Lamborghinis, lined the entry to the event, which included a pseudo-red carpet and police presence. Here it becomes apparent that college students like Juels himself are seemingly all but forgotten. He later bragged that his bling was indeed karat gold. Hardly anyone was dancing, and bored partygoers lined up along the edges of the ballroom while playing with their phones. Sneezing from the cigar smoke that hung thick in the air of the foyer, I attempted to leave the venue after watching the dance floor fill up ever so painfully and slowly.

However, as I tried to leave, crowds had formed around both entrances into the venue.

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Although Tonite had not oversold tickets for their sophomore effort, the venue hit capacity early on, with Orijoke estimating guest s at around in spite of having only sold around tickets. The source of the discrepancy?

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Orjioke also attributes this issue of hitting capacity early on to the entourage of celebrities such as Chris Brown, T. Orjioke claims those in the crowd outside were largely not ticket-holders, but rather various random people who learned of the event through friends of friends. Any ticket-holders in the crowd were refunded the cost of their tickets, and at press time, two ed Tonite in order to do so. An LAPD officer on a motorcycle barked at the crowds to stay back as a large man dressed as Biggie Smalls helped me leave through the narrow gate opening and slightly hostile crowd.

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A host of cars lined up outside the venue filled with frustrated partygoers. Must have a reliable car for local driving. Gas will be reimbursed.

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Pls [ protected] if interested. If you are years of age, generally healthy, weigh a minimum of lbs. Gas administration similar to breathing at high altitudemultiple blood draws no more than one cup totaland warming may be involved.

This study takes approximately 3 hours; study time may vary depending on study related activities. Please call for details. Sunday, Oct. CampusLifestyleThe Quad. By Kelly Yeo Nov. Share this story: Facebook Twitter Reddit. Kelly Yeo. More classifieds ».

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Looking company for tonite

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The Quad: Lavish and excess at Tonite’s exclusive Hollywood event