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Intro: After this article was posted inwe received so many s and photos that we decided to rebuild the Pussycat history, with all the new material added and spread out over multiple s, for easier loading and browsing. Many of the old theater photos and theater background info come courtesy www. His company Walnut Properties ran a string of movie houses south of Broadway. For a time, he also owned a legitimate stage theater downtown Off Broadwayas well as several local hotels, including the Hotel San Diegowhere he maintained a posh part-time residence. The AztecCasinoand Bijou were also part of the chain, operating just as colorfully and tirelessly on Fifth Avenue.

Films were grinded out almost nonstop, from a. Downtown's old grindhouse row now exists only in the memory of cinemaniacs old enough to recall a time when Jaws made you afraid of the water, Friday the 13th made you afraid of hockey masks, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture made you afraid of sequels. Even the storied Balboa Theatre on Fourth Avenue was run by Miranda's company during its final operational decade, right up until the city acquired it via eminent domain and confiscated the keys inleaving the majestic building to rot for the next 20 years. At that time, Walnut was running several dozen movie houses in California, offering the same sort of lowbrow fare proliferating at drive-ins and urban grindhouse districts.

Vincent Miranda was the son of a Portuguese fisherman. Miranda in his eatery Sept. Inhoping to boost business, he bought an adjacent movie theater. On a Saturday night, no less. So Miranda instead screened The Nudist Story. He began eyeing other moviehouses, after he discovered that it cost no more to advertise multiple theaters than it does to advertise one. Miranda took on a partner in this endeavor, a man known as George Tate. Physically, Tate appeared almost the opposite of Miranda, of solid girth and with the aggressive posture of a junkyard bulldog, whether standing or seated.

He was known for wearing finely made executive suits, hand tailored to fit his monolithic frame. The story goes that Tate had a theater and Miranda had a restaurant, and they had no money to cover the auto damage, so they just went into business together. Miranda and Tate were both considered the bosses at Walnut, though Miranda was seen less by most employees.

Tate who made inspection tours," says Whitehead, "and for years he delivered the San Diego payroll personally. Miranda, for some reason, didn't come around that often. He preferred to stay in Hollywood, or at the Hotel San Diego. Whitehead got to know Tate while training at the Cabrillo. He probably could have made millions in religion.

My feelings for Mr. Tate soured many years later, when the company was shutting down and Mr. Miranda was dead. Miranda acted as Walnut's public face, frequently mentioned and quoted in the local press by theater critic Welton Jones a close friendwhile Tate was rarely seen or referenced.

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He was always so secretive. There were those of us who wondered if it wasn't really Tate who actually owned the company, and Miranda was just a figurehead. That rumor never went away and was told to me by two people who'd known him for many years. Though not generally known, Miranda and Tate were live-in lovers. For over a decade, they shared a house they purchased together from Mickey Rooney, in Encino, at Magnolia Boulevard.

The theatre at — F Street Third and F earned Miranda much civic praise and social recognition in San Diego, for bringing heavyweight Hollywood talent downtown in a series of high-caliber productions. Built inthe venue was originally known as the Lyceum, and then the Liberty, before becoming the Hollywood Burlesque in The film Hollywood Burlesque was shot in the bawdy hall -- once dubbed "San Diego's most famous dirty little secret" -- featuring well-known striptease dancers including the iconic Lili St. Cyr and various vaudeville acts. Business at the Burlesque died down as porn became more prolific, and the theater closed in February The resultant seat playhouse was renamed the Off Broadway Theatre and reopened March 16,a day officially declared by the City "Off Broadway Day.

The opening was attended by Miranda's parents, flown in from Palo Alto. From there, he hired various producers to stage ambitious musicals like Guys and Dolls, as well as hosting touring productions of shows like You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. AroundMiranda began turning up around town -- and in L. They'd met through her publicity girl, who was also working for Miranda when he offered to fly Marie and several others to San Diego to attend a production of Cactus Flower, being staged at Miranda's Off Broadway theater.

In her book Hold the RosesRose Marie describes their first encounter. It turned out he wasn't Italian. There were about 30 of us He was very pleasant, charming, had a good sense of humor, and he was short! But I liked him. She describes their growing relationship with mild allusions to her frequent date's homosexuality.

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He took me home and we said good night. No kiss, no nothing. I relaxed. No romance, and I was grateful for that. We liked being together, and he loved the idea that everybody knew me and came over for autographs. He was out with a celebrity. Jude Hospital affair that Danny Thomas always did. Rose Marie also appeared in stage productions at Miranda's Off Broadway theater. Little did everybody know that we were like brother and sister, but we had fun.

Once in a while, a kiss on the cheek, but that's all I didn't have to worry about a thing. Marie was photographed on Miranda's arm at the Off Broadway's first-anniversary luncheon in Marchsponsored by the San Diego Downtown Association and held at the U. Grant Hotel. Former mayor Frank Curran presented Miranda with a plaque from the association, while Deputy Mayor Floyd Morrow gave him a plaque from the city, in recognition of the theater revitalizing downtown. A photo appeared with an article in the next day's San Diego Union.

Miranda was reportedly thrilled at this mention in a issue of L. Yep, after bidding boyfriend Vince Miranda bye-bye, Rose Marie must have decided it's worse to have loved and lost, because she didn't waste much time before she went right back Miranda's sterling civic and social rep seemed unassailable -- for a while, anyway -- even after it became common knowledge that he was buying an increasingly large stake in the Pussycat Theatre chain of adult movie houses.

The chain was founded by longtime film exhibitor Dan Sonney and sexploitation filmmaker Dave Friedman. Interesting that the "newly beautiful" Paris at Santa Monica was also advertising adult movies, though "only for adult males.

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Though business was booming from day one, certain civic and municipal factions were VERY displeased about the perceived incursion of "smut" into such a visible part of town. The city bus stop directly in front of the Pussycat sat in the middle of one of L.

As such, the Pussycat marquee — with its often-lurid film titles — was being seen by hundreds of thousands of people each week. Thus a film would already be far in the profit mode, before its first out of state booking. Unlike the Hill Street house, this locale KEPT the Sunset theater name intact out front, mainly to differentiate it in from Pussycat one, but also as a concession to local merchants and civic groups who wanted to maintain the place's historical Hollywood pedigree.

There was a young man named Vince Miranda. He had two theaters in L. He liked the name, so he bought a half-interest in our theater. I should've said, 'Vince, I want a nickel a head for every customer. Miranda, having already run adult theaters, was hired as a consultant. Miranda had installed similar displays in two of his own adults-only L. Here are a couple of composite shots I put together of the Sunset lobby, to show wider views With Pussycat two also immediately successful, Friedman and Sonney began to envision an entire chain of adult Pussycat Theaters.

Almost immediately, Miranda began Sunset-like remodeling and redecoration at each theater, which then included around a half dozen California houses, as seen in below ad linked from a post at www. Which was a big change from the old 'raincoat' crowd I can't say [Miranda] and I ever got along well, but he was definitely a showman who knew how to bring in the rubes. Though operated under the Walnut umbrella, Miranda took great personal interest in the Pussycats.

He outfitted each theater with the aforementioned crimson carpeting and velveteen fixtures, as well as decorated walls usually including selections from his own huge collection of painted nudesbeveled glass foyer partitions, and crystal chandeliers with golden fittings.

He even took to custom-creating in-house stock items, like cups and popcorn tubs decorated with the Pussycat Bikini Girl with "It's Cool Inside" logo inside the container.

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In addition, there were Pussycat t-shirts XTina was recently photographed wearing one! Although they were porno theaters, he ran them like a business.

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They were cute little theaters that were kept in shape. Sometimes when we were out, he would stop at one theater or another and make sure everything was being run right. I met everyone at the office, including his cousin Jimmie [Johnson, an eventual Walnut co-owner]. Miranda later purchased a majority stake in the Pussycat chain, in a partnership with Johnson and Tate. At its peak in the late '70s, Pussycat operated around 40 California houses, most of them classical theaters that had faded.

Times article about the theater Later known as the Park Theaterit began showing nudie movies and so-called art films aroundearning the ire of neighboring residents, who lobbied to shut the moviehouse down, even before it became the fourth Pussycat Theater. Friedman and Sonney had actually bid against Vince Miranda in to acquire the Canoga Park theater.

Miranda was already screening softcore and nudie cuties at two Walnut houses in L. However, Friedman and Sonney outbid him for the property, instead christening it as their fourth Pussycat Theater.

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