Let s have some Falfield fun tonight

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After many years loyal service, our treasurer, Cliff Gunning has decided to retire — any offers for this important role? We also need additional distributors who could spare some time once every 3 months, in particular from the new houses in Charfield, to assist in delivering the Newsletter to people's homes and to collect payment. Some of our distributors have been with us for a long time, and some of our more elderly people are finding it very tiring. If anyone is interested in ing the committee, especially if you have experience of artwork, publishing or printing, we would welcome you with open arms!!

We have typed this Newsletter, or at least half of it, on an electronic typewriter provided to date on appro by Neil MacKay of Cotswold Workstations Ltd. Thanks Neil. Instead, for a while it has been replaced with a ladies afternoon, meeting on the third Thursday of the month in the Village Hall at 2 p. Here a cup of tea and cake is enjoyed with some lively company — maybe a game of Scrabble etc — so why not come along one afternoon you ladies who are free. You will be most welcome. We are now open for business for the new season and subscriptions are due, payable to the Treasurer, Mrs.

Stoakes at xx Horsford Road. Subs have increased very slightly this year, with visitors fees remaining unchanged. A few players are using the court without having paid their subscriptions; please could you pay up and let your conscience rest easy! The exact times when members may play, together with the Rules of the Game are displayed in the Hut. We are having the first of the season's American Tournaments on Sunday 28th April at 2. Just turn up to enter — new chairs are provided for spectators — just bring your own afternoon tea of cucumber sandwiches!

I am not much of a letter writer, so this is coming very hard! I look forward to my year as Chairlady and would like to invite old and new members along. You are never too old! Calling all 7—10 year old girls — come and us at Brownies! Tuesday evenings 4. We have lots of fun things planned for spring and summer. All welcome. If there are any girls who would like to contact me on Dursley 84xxxx or just come along on a Tuesday evening.

Mums — We desperately need a Tawny Owl — someone to help with the Brownies and learn Guiding skills as well. If you are interested, please give me a call. On 6th March2nd Charfield Brownies celebrated their 10th Anniversary with a small concert for parents and ex-Guiders. The night was a huge success and once again the girls showed what a happy, well-behaved Pack they are.

Thanks go to Mrs. Diane Marshall and Mrs. Marilyn Smith for all their help. This is a t venture with 1st Charfield Brownies, so please come along and give us your support. Look out for the posters giving times, etc. As the lighter nights are now with us we will be organising rambles in and around the village, and hopeful a few swimming nights, both of which should help to blow away the winter cobwebs. This will take the form of learning new crafts, a treasure hunt, games and a barbecue. The theme for the day will be spiders. Anyone with eight legs and eyes in the back of their head is welcome to come and give us a hand!

If you have a skill or hobby you think our Brownies would like to learn, and you would he willing to demonstrate, please contact me. I can assure you the pleasure our Brownies get from learning new skills makes giving an hour of your time so worthwhile.

It now only remains for me to ask if anyone has a daughter who wishes to Brownies to contact me on 26xxxx to have her name added to our list. It's Katie Goulding here and as one of the Patrol Leaders I have been challenged to write an article for my green trefoil badge.

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At the end of last year we performed our pantomime which everyone enjoyed. For this some of us gained our Entertainers Badge, while others gained their Speakers Badge. Then later at Easter we had great fun creating chocolate Easter eggs. The final result was quite hysterical — but you should have seen the mess everywhere! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter break. It was nice to have a couple of weeks away from Guides — with a grand total of 43 girls the rest was needed by myself and my assistants!

All the girls managed to make something for their Mums for Mothering Sunday and chocolate pigs were made for Easter. July 13th We will be having a stall at Kingswood Summer Fair. Now, a cry of help again! You would not have to come every week and you would not have to go into uniform. If anyone can help please give me a ring or drop in any Wednesday night.

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I have had to make a list of girls who would like to Guides, but I am afraid priority has to go to those who are coming up from Brownies. I will contact any others as soon as there is room for them. The visit to Bristol Pantomime was the last of our outdoor outings of We are now planning our meetings for this year but the A. The problems of running our club are at times worrying. The mini-bus driver must be over twenty five and under seventy years — it is a question of insurance for drivers between these age groups.

We have had some new membersbut we still invite more over Sixties to us — one of our problems is a member who is a pianist is Mrs. Marklove has great difficulty in climbing the steps to the stage. Shortly the Committee will be fixing different places to visit during amongst other activities for members enjoyment, and for club funds.

Well here we are — the arrival of Spring and a new committee. The A. I would like to thank the old committee on behalf of the new committee who are as follows Unfortunately we have had some sad news from Claire the Health Visitor that she is changing her clinic weeks as from 13th Mayto a Monday afternoon 1. We will be holding a car boot sale sometime in the near future and lots of other activities including the annual Teddy Bears picnic and Our Day Out to the Seaside, all of which will be advertised around so keep your eyes peeled.

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Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Elaine if there is anything you would like to know about the group. At the moment they are fighting to stay in the Gloucestershire Northern Senior League, a position they have held for many years, relegation would mean the Stroud League next season. Whatever the outcome, this season although a difficult one on the playing field, has yielded many good things; the introduction of young players into the club in s is a real boost, together with an excellent club spirit brought about by a good atmosphere throughout the two sides, and the purchase of a mini-bus enabling the teams to travel together on some of the longer trips has helped also.

The Reserve side as mentioned above, has benefited from some younger players and I am confident they will finish in a mid-table position.

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A quick thank you to Craig Halliday and Adrian Smith, the two team managers, for their time and commitment throughout the season, and the members of the committee. I trust that all who attend enjoy their evening. Anyone who is interested in playing football next season or just ing us on our training nights please contact Pete Kirby, our Secretary, Telephone 31xxxx. This is our first entry into the Newsletter. We meet at Cromhall and take the majority of our l from Wickwar, Tytherington and North Nibley areas, and two from Charfield.

At present our membership is only 15, in comparison with the Lions who have approximately Our activities are varied and involve the full participation of all leaders, one of which is Steve Hake of Charfield. We opened our March meeting respecting the memory of our dear friend and member Mrs Elsie Alderman, in one minutes silence. Having moved from Oxford in '84 she had been in membership with us for about 5 years and during that time had made an impact on all, with her kindness and outgoing friendliness.

We shall miss her. The Parish Council has again given financial support to the Institute, and the Committee and Members very much appreciate this kind gesture. We shall use this money to its best effect during the following year. Mr Moule of Radio Gloucester was a very entertaining speaker, and as he is the Gardening expert and adviser on this wave length — he naturally ended his talk with this very interesting topic.

In our next report we should be able to tell you how we fared in the Little Avon Group competition at the Rally to be held on April 25th. Our fingers and toes are crossed!! We also hope to have some prize winners in the individual competition — showing their expertise skills in biscuit making!

There are so many diversities of interest, activities and education within the W. Elsie ed us for the sake of companionship in the friendships she made. Why don't you do the same!

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Our ladies are willing to provide transport if needed — and always a welcome awaits you. See you at the Village Hall on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7. My very grateful thanks to the hard working collectors and to the generosity of the village as a whole. Devil's Lane is therefore a dark and sinister sort of a place even on the brightest of days. Have you been down Devil's Lane?

Let s have some Falfield fun tonight

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