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Looking to meet a cute girl m4w I'm just looking for a nice girl to go out with and see where things go. I'm not looking for anything too serious right now but I'm not looking to "hook up" I just got out of a long relationship and I am just interested in getting to know new people I'm not looking for "the one" or a wife, I'm just cooling my jets and seeing where life takes me. A little about me, I'm a musician and a I work and go to school full time.

I love scifi movies and comedies. I play video games and stay in a lot. I work out and take care of myself and try to be a productive member of society. I have tattoos and love talking about them an hearing about other people's. I listen to pretty much anything besides country. My favorite bands and artist are woe is me, childish gambino, August burns red, capture the crown, as I lay dying, and coheed and Cambria. I'm intelligent and lighthearted and enjoy similar company.

I read a lot and I love science, I tell stupid science jokes all the time and love to keep up with where science is taking us as a whole. I would like to meet a beautiful woman some where from that isnt in a rush and would like to hang out and get to know each other. I got a lot of spam last time I tried this so please of your interested reply with a picture and change the subject to how old you are. Hope someone is out there. Bitch want teen sex. Start a Family and grow old together Well the fact is i'm looking to start dating again.

Here are the facts about me. I'm going to college I work a shitty part time job. I drive and have a car. And i still live with my parents. If your still reading this here are more facts. I'm White. I'm 6'1 ft tall, i'm a little chubby but i hold mt weight well. I have blue eyes. Now what kind of person am I you may ask. Now i am a Nerd and proud of it. I also enjoy the great outdoors. Now i do have dyslexia so if bad spelling or grammar bugs you then i'm sorry but i can't help it. YoutubeVote Horny turtles 2. Sexy woman wants fuck. Seeking: Wanting sex chat Relationship Status: Single. Seeking: Wants people to fuck Relationship Status: Single.

I know it's wrong, I know it's not Kula right. However, I have been in an emotionally abusive and verbally abusive relationship for about 5 years. I several times walked away from the relationship only to be drawn back in with promises of change and aplogies, which only last for week or two then back to same.

After the years of abusive it wore away the foundation of our relationship and hurt me. I prayed daily for a change or for God to strengthen our relationship. Then by accident was contacted by an old friend from 20 years ago on. I have not seen this old friend in over 20 years yet we have established an emotional connection via phone and texts.

She knows I am married, yet not happy. She single and lonely. Not really sure if this old friend and I hit it off term, yet we have some strong emotions now. It could be rebound and nothing more. Yet, I am drawn to feeling of leaving my wife, not for this other women, but for my own well being.

Should I continue to stick with the marriage and work at it more, because that what I am suppose to do? Or throw in the towel and just maybe this other women is the one? Even if this other women is not one, I be still better off. Please give me your opinions. Thank you. I would guess that you need to learn how to become more limbiy aware. You ever want to get away for a day. I know this may be out there.

I am just need a partner to get away. I am an older male. I just need a break. What are your needs.

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I think much of the problem with physical custody comes from plain Lady want real sex LA Gray old logistics. I also think that most adults would reject a domestic situation where they alternated weeks between two domiciles. Hell, I can barely remember where my tooth paste is, and I've been living here for 10 years.

Seriously, if there's a special needs kid involved, in my case one with severe ADHD, alternating households le to full on chaos, and that chaos can lead to lowered self-esteem can't ever get the stuff together and depression. I have one friend who's daughter alternated weeks between the mother's and father's house. It worked fairly well while the was but started to break down about 6th grade when the girl started to have more activities.

It finally got so bad that she started having psychological problems and now, after a full on psychological evaluation, is living time with her mom. Interestingly, this girls father has now just about walked away from her. Just my opinion and observations. Lonely housewives looking sex Weslaco I've been divorced since '99 before my friend from college ran off with my wife to Maine, I thought my life was great.

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I've lived a Nomadic life since. I tried Boston but the memories killed me. I've tried NYC even Wyoming. I've been drinking my ass off just for the anesthestic effect and I can't face tommorow. I'm being evicted by my family. They can't stand seeing me kill myself with booze. I'm flying to New Orleans in the morning. I did a lot of volunteer work after. I'm only taking some clothes. That's all I can. My "incosistancies" are my surprised reaction to getting a lot more than some hopefully helpful advise.

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Yeah my family dynamics are fucked up. She sleeps every night with headphones and an eye mask as I work nights and usualy stay up late when I am home. Again she was not drinking. And the point about knowing how hands there are is what I was saying about how I thought she had to know. It never crossed my mind that she didn't. I was talking to her while he was doing it. Telling her she had to try and be a little quieter and she said. You are all under the assumption that she did not know.

I was seeking advise on the "possibility" of her not knowing. Seeing as her attitiude the next day was no different. Not awkward or anything. Housewives want nsa Clayton Georgia Re: Looking for casual fun you like meatballs w4m Hi, I attempted to repsond to your post, apparently it wouldn't go through. I don't like meatballs, in fact I'm a vegetarian. But I thought your post was funny, and we seem to be looking for the same kind of situation.

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I think I'm your type, if your type is intelligent, fit, athletic blonde chicks who aren't generally the type to respond to an ad on CL. I'm definitely a real, down to earth girl. Not sure why I was attracted to your post, but I hope you see this and decide it's worth a shot to respond. I could be down for a chat, or maybe more if there's a general attraction. I definitely have pics for pics, and a video about how much I love meatballs for good measure, if you're lucky. I am successful, charming and considerate. ONLY real women need apply, please send me video of yourself where at some point you say "I really love meatballs," and I'll respond.

Please send a pic as well. I'm very fun and open, don't miss this chance! Lonley soldier looking. Housewives want nsa Columbia station Ohio - bad examples of what a relationship should be like in my early life so when I started out dating, I was sure that having someone who treated me like shit was the way to go.

So, I'll respond with how I knew my husband was the one for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself when I was in his company. It didn't matter what we were doing, it just felt generally good to be around him. When we were apart, I looked forward to being around him again.

I cared how his day was and I wanted to share my day with him. I trusted him. When we were apart, I wasn't worried that he was doing something that would be hurtful to me. I never visualized how this relationship would end which I had always done in the past. Maintaining the relationship never felt like I was compromising things that I valued.

We were on the same about family, friends, money, work ethic, religion. He's hotttt!!! You could dance m4w You asked me to swing dance, we two stepped to the Border Band, exchanged names, but would enjoy yoursomething clicked I feel.

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