Just looking for some serious fun

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Serious Fun is a song sung by Phineas, with a rhytmical speaking cameo from Baljeet, in " Last Day of Summer " while they go through Danville meeting the gang and trying Phineas and Ferb's new invention. Phineas : Get out your tool case, Put on your game face.

Get out your brushes - gonna paint this town. Let's just get rockin', No time for talkin'. Just fourteen hours 'till the sun goes down. We've got one last day of summer, One more day before school has begun.


One last day in the sun, Let's have some serious fun! Every day of summer, We've given a hundred percent. But today, we'll give a hundred and one.

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Baljeet : Though that is not mathematically possible Phineas: You know what we mean! Baljeet: Yes, I understand: hyperbole. Phineas: We set a precedent For entertainment - We're doin' somethin' and it's gonna be big. Put on your glad rags and pack a lunch bag. No, somethin' smaller - not that sucklin' pig.

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We've got one last day in the sun, Let's have some serious fun! Let's have some serious fun Let's have some serious fun! BMI Work Phineas and Ferb Wiki Explore. Seasons Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4.

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Across the 2nd Dimension Candace Against the Universe. Phineas and Ferb Where can I see it?

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Just looking for some serious fun

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