I want to go get a drink

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There seems to a very common theme in stories on this subreddit that message exchanges to lead to one of the parties asking if the other would like to get a drink "sometime. This is not how you ask someone out. Men of OkCupid: never purpose a date for 'sometime. Jump right to asking them out directly.

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If someone messages you and says 'let me know if you want to get a drink sometime,' that is not your cue to say 'Yes I would. I realize that proposing the a date for 'sometime' is an easy way to try to get the other person to show that they're REALLY interested, and maybe force them to be the one who puts themselves out there and asks you on a real date.

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But that's totally lame and not going to help you get dates. It's going to lead the other peson to lose interest, because you just keep messaging them and not asking them out for real.

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If they say no or I'm busy this week, and then don't propose an alternative time, or just don't reply at all that's awesome, you can now move on to the next person and stop wasting your time messaging that person. However, in my experience, every time I have gotten to the point in the conversation where I've asked someone out with a specific place and time, usually about messages into a conversation, we have always ended up going out.

You should start broad and narrow it down. Instead, say "some time next week. I always say near future, which IMO equates to as soon as you're available. I have four dates this coming week and all of them were from the line "Want to go out some night and grab a drink?

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I ask that way because, if they agree to meet up, we can then figure out a time that would work for both of us rather than playing message tag with things like "no, 7 on tuesday won't work, how about 6 on wednesday". Also since I'm self employed and have no set hours to do anything I can just figure out when they're available and chances are I'll be available too.

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That's awesome. My main point was that people seem to not propose an actual date beyond 'let's get a drink sometime. If what's working for you is working, certainly ignore me.

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But I'd propose once or twice try skipping the 'lets get a drink sometime' and then figure out plans, and jump right too proposing a specific plan, I think you'll be surprised at how often people just say yes. It would be really nice if this post were not essentially saying "Men, I know you do take most of the initiative in arranging a date, but you really should take additional initiative too.

Came here to post this. Tired of girls saying "this is how it's done" and each of them having a different idea of how "this" is. If you don't want to grab drinks, then don't. But don't put your own prejudice out here. No fuckin' shit.

It's not any more. Of all the changes in society and stuff, it's still the point where women don't ask guys out at all? I was asked out yesterday by a girl who I was chatting with for a long time. I was only vaguely interested, honestly, that's why it had not occurred to me to ask her out or that she was trying to get me to by talking longer. But she was really abrupt when she dropped the "meetup" question, kinda surprised me, yet it was a pleasant surprise and I agreed. It also heightened my attraction to her, but that's because I like "can do" attitudes. Hope that's a helpful anecdote for women?

I'm a dude. This is what has worked well for me. Also, yes it's notand woman can ask men out too, but in my experience straight woman say yes and find it more attractive when a guy is assertive. How you execute it entirely up to you. This advice is worded towards both sexes, OP only mentions men specifically once.

The other language says "other party" and is gender neutral. I think you're projecting your feelings onto what the OP wrote. Do you all really grab drinks? Or do you occasionally pick them up calmly having hopefully paid for then first?

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I find that if I grab, squeeze, and break 2 to 3 pint glasses on a first date, girls almost always sleep with me. If I was less tired I think I could make a "I like my drinks like I like my women" joke with "grab" in there somewhere. Maybe reddit can make this happen. As a woman I am never really interested before the let's get a drink sometime stage.

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I realize that the let's get a drink sometime stage is the step before the step where they ask me out on a really real date. A couple times the casual request to meet for coffee has turned into a kiss after several hours or it has turned into watching AntiChrist on my bed while splitting a bottle of cheap wine before he asks me if he can go down on me. All in all if someone directly asked me for a date and I accepted it would be the same as let's get a drink sometime. It's always the pre-req to the actual "date" or sexual encounter.

As a male, I'm never reallllly interested in the beginning. Nevertheless, the strategy OP proposes is a strategy to maximize dates and it's a good strategy. Minor point: not everyone is looking to maximize dates. Found the internet! Getting a drink "sometime" is not a date. Posted by 9 years ago. Sort by: best. How about Thursday? Thursday works.

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Cool, let's meet at Starsucks at 5, yadda yadda yadda Reply Share. Continue this thread. Men of OkCupid: It would be really nice if this post were not essentially saying "Men, I know you do take most of the initiative in arranging a date, but you really should take additional initiative too.

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I want to go get a drink

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