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And there were rows and rows of them. And back in the day, it was one of the more hidden and secretive places that people would go and cruise in.

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Fluet says cruising played a ificant role in the gay community in the sixties, seventies and eighties, before the repeal of laws criminalizing homosexuality. We're much more understood now, and much more widely accepted, and so men are not finding themselves having to search out each other that way.

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There are healthy ways to meet people. During the heyday of cruising, many gay men were subject to police intimidation, which could include the threat of arrest and public identification in prominent newspapers.

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Now the racial issues and police is a whole 'nother conversation, and we have many people of color within our community that have very serious and true stories about mistreatment by police officers. Harrison says the documentary handled a sensitive topic well, bringing nuance to an often overlooked history.

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In the end, Fluet says that looking back on the history of cruising can help us not only understand the past, but also point towards a better future. Photo Courtesy of Ben Fluet. Explore More History.

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