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I paid around twenty dollars for a cover charge which seemed high at first but for the quality of entertainment I received here it was well worth the price to pay in order to get in. The drinks were pretty pricey and I paid over thirty dollars for a couple of beers and a mixed shot so The lap dances were decent and I paid around forty dollars for lap dances because this bought me a few songs and was well worth it in my opinion. The hours were very good at this place and opened till very late, usually four in the morning and I usually arrived there around ten at night and at times this place would be pretty packed but never too packed where it made me feel uncomfortable but on the weekends it was a much different story.

The club was actually pretty big on the inside and the way this place looked was very nice and always clean. I really liked the carpeting inside of here because the color was nice and added an almost sleek look to the place.

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There was plenty of seating and the chairs that were provided were actually comfy and I liked them a lot. This club was always safe, affordable, I loved the quality and quanity of the entertainment, the place was pretty big and the atmosphere was always nice and enjoyable, the drinks were a little high but always tasted very good, the table dances were not that bad, the cover charge was also worth the price and the music was always good and the stage performances were awesome and I highly recommend that you make your way down to NYC and check out this fine strip club. ReviewStream real consumers real experience.

Are you familiar with this? The Hustler Strip club over in New York City is probably one of the best strip clubs in New York City and I have found myself at this place many times because this place was lo of fun and provided some great experiences agree? Share your thoughts.

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Your opinion is valuable. Platinum Premier strip club in Worcester MA. Hollywood strip club in Southington CT. Squire strip club in Revere MA. Tens show strip club in Salisbury. Las Vegas Off the Strip restaurant. Mardi Gras strip club in Springfield MA. Kahoots strip club in East Hartford CT. Airport Restaurant. Club Juicee's in Yantic CT »». The review was published as it's written by reviewer in May, The reviewer certified that no compensation was received from the reviewed item producer, trademark owner or any other institution, related with the item reviewed.

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Be Helpful. Do you know? Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable? The strip club had a very local feeling but made everybody feel quite welcome. The bouncers, bartenders, strippers, just the entire staff in general all had friendly, welcoming, and great attitudes. Platinum Premier strip club in Worcester MA The Platinum premier strip club has some of the coolest them nights there are and when they have theme nights or special events going on than the bar usually went all out, I went here on three theme nights or special events and they were all good and I Hollywood strip club in Southington CT This was not a bad place to be at on a Friday or Saturday night but any other day of the week and this place was a major disappointed and even once in a awhile the weekends would suck at this t and there were a few major things Squire strip club in Revere MA This place was not the best strip club in the area and there are more bad things that I will say about this place than good things and I am telling you right off the bat that this place was not a good strip club at all in my This place has everything a strip club should not have.

First off this place was beyond dirty in appearances! Tens show strip club in Salisbury The Tens show strip club could easily be the best strip club in all of the New England states and this place is a very good place to go to and watch beautiful women strip and the best part is that this bar allows full nudity which makes it Just like it's name implies, it's not an infamous strip restaurant in view of all the biggest and best casinos, but that almost makes it better for me.

The Office Cafe strip club in Norwalk CT I have been to this strip club on about two or maybe even three occasions and to be upfront with you this place was not really a good place to go to for a few reasons but there were some decent things about this place that I did like. The area Mardi Gras strip club in Springfield MA The Mardi Gras strip club over in Springfield Massachusetts is a good club with good entertainers that dance there and it is a fun place to go and spend a little bit of money at but there are a few things this place should improve on and than it Stage door Johnny's is actually two We ordered a 6 piece of chicken nuggets for me and a banana milkshake pudding while my mother in-law ordered a chicken strip salad and a regular size of sweet tea Kahoots strip club in East Hartford CT Kahoots is a cool little strip club that was lo of fun and I actually made a few trips to this place because it was just a good club too go to and enjoy myself at.

There are a few things that could have been better but for the Airport Restaurant I have always heard my co-workers talking about a restaurant called the Airport Restaurant. Apparently, it used to be an airport and it was turned into a restaurant.

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I had never eaten there until the other day. I was on my lunch break from work and

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