Friends fun Saint Louis

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Support Local Journalism. Riverfront Times Press Club. March 06, Special Issues » City Guide. Louis native Martha Gellhorn bet her then-husband, Ernest Hemingway, that a foreigner she'd spotted on a train hailed from her hometown. Being a stranger need not be such an ominous condition, and certainly not in present-day St.

Maybe you're a new transplant. A tourist. A recovering hermit. Perhaps you're feeling the sudden need to get off your couch, turn off Netflix and interact with other humans. And that's OK! Don't let anyone try to convince you that St. Louis can't be friendly, or doesn't have a place for the outsider.

It just takes that first step. And we've got nineteen steps for you — suggestions for venues, events, clubs and activities that bring people together. You might find a diversion for a couple weekends, a story to tell at a bar or friends for life. What do you have to lose? You can always just head back to the couch and unpause Netflix. It's not a formal choir, per se, but a monthly "social drinking experience.

To Engelhardt, it's not the beer, or even the music, that makes the "secret sauce" of the Beer Hall Choir so special.

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You're part of that. Get Cultured It might not always seem that way, but St. Louis history has much more to it than Germans brewing. Starting the first Saturday in April, the St. Louis Landmark Association www. If a bus tour is more your style, hop on one of the quirky tours offered by Renegade STL renegadestl.

Rather not walk outside, ride a bus or spend any money? Then take advantage of free admission to the world-class Saint Louis Art Museum www. Read a Book Communally St. Louis is positively bursting with book clubs, and if you can't network into one by asking around, you'll find your local book store is often more than happy to make the connection. See our complete guide to local bookstores within this very issue. Your local branch of the public library also likely offers a club. And if you haven't yet downloaded NextDoor nextdoor.

Get Involved in Politics Whether you're red or blue, it's hard not to look at America's current political climate as anything but a dripping garbage fire. But you — yes, you! You don't have to harbor presidential aspirations to get involved with canvassing or collecting atures for a petition or candidate, and the upcoming midterm election season is a great place to start. Research your alderman, state reps and congressmen. Want to support them?

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Oppose them? You're not alone. Contact the state campaigns or, if you're in the city, shoot a friendly to your representatives on the Democratic Central Committee www. The next time an election comes around, you won't be a bystander. Get Jacked If improving the body politic isn't your speed, take a shot at improving your actual body at group workout sessions. Local gyms and community centers like the JCC and YMCA offer hundreds of options, but lower-cost and free sessions are at your fingertips through Meetup groups like the St. Louis Adventure Group www. Looking for something contemplative that will also stretch your limbs at interesting angles?

Yoga Buzz www.

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Go For the Glory No force in the world can suppress a competitive spirit, and there's no reason you can't let that spirit fly in St. Multiple groups offer mainstays like softball, hockey, co-ed kickball and cornhole — and if you're adventurous, the St. Louis Curling Club www. Take care, as particular leagues tend to come and go, and therefore it's worth some googling around in the winter to gauge your options as the weather warms. Thankfully, many leagues include the option to as a "free agent," so you won't have to assemble your own collection of castoffs to vie for a trophy. See www.

Roll the Dice Over a Board Game Stretch and sweat all you want, but a sedentary pastime is nothing to scoff at either. Head over to Pieces STL www. Louis' dice-rolling and card-playing crowd — a crowd that easily has room for one more. Co-owner Laura Leister notes that groups have the option to al their openness to unattached players, while those coming in alone can alert others that they're willing to any group that needs them. Flying solo on a weekday? That doesn't mean you can't play. Master Chess There are games, and then there's chess.

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Louis is arguably America's chess capital, and if you're keen to hone your skills or to start your journey to becoming a grandmaster, the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis www. The Chess Club hosts daily classes and lectures, and the group's Central West End headquarters functions as a cerebral community center that bustles with students of every age and experience level.

Whether you're interested in casual games or tournament prep, or just taking chess instruction, the Chess Club is a sound opening move. Chase Karaoke Stardom There's a reason karaoke persists, immune to the passage of time and the fickle tastes of youth. For those two or three minutes — or six minutes, if you're one of those marvelous lunatics attempting Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" — you are the undisputed headliner, the belle of the barroom ball.

And even if you walk into a karaoke bar knowing not a soul, the aura of communal performance anxiety makes for a fantastic ice breaker. Plus, the venues usually attract their own cadre of regular singers to befriend.

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Louis' karaoke palaces range from the violet-hued disco heaven of Mike Talayna's Juke Box Restaurantwhich carries karaoke every night of the week, to neighborhood bars like Carson's www. Time to start practicing those high notes.

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Make a Dive Bar Your Own By definition, you can't be a stranger in a place where everybody knows your name. Maybe that's the underlying magic hidden inside neighborhood dive bars, the sort of places you might pass without a second thought during your morning commute, establishments with names like the Heavy Anchor or Rhonda's Place pro tip: Google "the Real Drinker's Guide to St.

Louis' Best Dive Bars," and you'll find this publication's finest work. Just pick one, and go there a few times. Bring a friend. Drink a beer after work. If they have a TV, watch a game. Tip the bartender. Talk to the bartender. Get really good at pinball. Talk to someone older and better-traveled than you, and maybe realize how little you know about motorcycles and proper car repair.

Listen to the craziest stories you've ever heard. Start learning people's names before you drink so much you forget them — and that's the dive-bar magic starting once again. Become a Soccer Louligan The story of soccer in St. Louis didn't begin with the effort to put an MLS stadium downtown, and it certainly didn't end when that effort failed to sway city voters in The city's ties to the sport go back a century, and our present-day soccer culture is in the midst of a revival that's ravenous for more fans — a fan like you, perhaps.

Friends fun Saint Louis

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