Friends first see what happens

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Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. So, about a month ago I gave this girl my. Later that day she texted me. I said sure and she drove a half hour and met me at this place for hike and after we had dinner.

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After dinner I walked her to car. She asked for a hug and I asked if she wanted to make a second hang out a date but if she jist wanted to be friends thats cool as well. Because she is fun and I can do being friends. She texts me first and even tonight wanted to talk on the phone.

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She even wants to hang out again. Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Kingslayer Send a private message. This is a tricky issue. It seems reasonable for women to want to be friends first. A good friendship is ultimately necessary for a successful relationship. But, women like men who are sexually confident, even assertive. If you don't establish a sexual interest early on, any interest she might have had will wane, and there you'll be, in the friend zone. This may be unfair, but you need to deal with it. Make a move.

Don't be aggressive. Don't ignore what she says. But you might as well learn now as later what your dating potential is with her. I thought the move was me asking her on a date lol? She is the most confusing girl I have ever went out with. This girl though said it but is the one that pushs to talk and hangout. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Zombie Send a private message. She agreed to have you pay attention to and entertain her, but was clear it wasn't a date. That doesn't mean she's romantically interested.

See the difference? Don't volunteer for this. You'll get more and more confused and she doesn't understand how she's leading you on because she's been abundantly clear about it. Tell her you want more than friendship and you respect that she doesn't, but it's probably for the best if you two stop talking until you're able to handle it. But then lose her contact information because your time is better spent meeting a girl who actually likes you. And perhaps when she responded with 'let's be friends', that was the time to realize this wouldn't work.

But if you are 'hanging out', you need to keep a sexual vibe going. Perhaps touch her lower back when going through a door, give her a spontaneous half hug at an appropriate time. At least, kiss her cheek when departing. She may not respond well. There's your answer. MOI2 Send a private message. He will look like a pervert and pushy in her eyes. Not all women think alike about sex. He better date other women and see her as a friend only.

There is no need for him to be "touching" her. She will be the one to act first and letting him know that she sees him differently. She is not sexually attracted to you. Girls will always enjoy going out, having fun and being your friend. The problem with this one is while you seem romantically inclined toward her, she has already said, "don't fall for me, I'm only interested in you as a friend UNLESS you somehow manage to surprise me and you're more than you seem at the moment". If you can go out and have fun with her and not get mad or upset if she decides to go on a date with some guy later, you're good to go.

But if you think it would upset you, cut her loose now before she breaks your heart. Instead I took her out, showed her a fun time, I never took the wild one to a concert in the park, never took the shy one to a wild party and then judged how she reacted to me. If a guy is paying attention and NOT unfair to himself by seeing things not there she brushed her hair while staring deep into my eyes does not equal she likes me no matter how much I want it to he can tell if she just had a good time or if she was having a good time being with him.

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Sometimes the rush to make it official or to label the connection can be off putting. It's better to give her a few free samples, enjoy going out together, spending time together, having fun together and then don't. Skip a few weeks, give her time to begin hoping you will call rather than being texted a few times a day with silly little annoying texts.

Some guys are so desperate to close the deal they lose the deal.

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Love is a mind game but unfortunately too many guys just don't understand that. And love is a lot like sales. If you bum rush someone, trying hard to sell any product, people will automatically throw up barriers to buy, resit any attempt becasue they do not trust that pressure method. Many will cave and buy under that pressure but they either return the product later or never buy from that salesman again.

But the guy who dangles the product, lets them discover for themselves it's value, let's them understand this product has limited availability, may not even be for sale I'm just saying rather than asking her if she wanted to be friends Not a day and a half but several weeks. Dangle, don't smother. Just saying If she sees you as just a friend, then she will talk about other guys, having dates with them.

Maybe bringing one around. Think what you will do if she does that or suggests doing that. Like, she never brings up guys or talks about past relationships. I have done that more then her lol. Its so weird. Americanguy1 Send a private message. Kiss her and throw that freind shit out the door.

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She's not romantically interested in you OP. I would tell her that you've thought about it and while you appreciate her offer to be friends, you like her and can't be just friends with her. Then wish her the best in her search and lose her .

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A couple of things to remember. He who hesitates masturbates. I think you waited too long 3 weeks of texting to meet. The time you spend with this girl as a friend is time you aren't spending looking for and meeting a woman who is actually attracted to you. Guys tend to grow their attraction to women over time. You already liked her, you might be able to turn that off, but I suspect if she offered you sex you'd take her up on it. That's not what friends do, and see point 2. She's been very clear that you're just friends.

She's not sending you mixed als, you're grasping at straws hoping that she'll change her mind so you've volunteered to provide her entertainment and attention. She's got no reason to turn that down because you told her you understand you're just friends.

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There's no discussion to be had with here because she's already told you she doesn't see you romantically. To be clear, there's nothing wrong with her actions, but you are setting yourself up for disappointment here. Not her. You need to cut your losses and move on. Dating is a process of exclusion, not inclusion.

People don't grow to like you, that's how relationships work, but not dating.

Friends first see what happens

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She said ā€œ letā€™s be friends first and see where that goes.ā€ what!?