Friend friendships golf romances golf dating

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Golf offers a lot of things to its players. For one, it can be rather exciting in spite of the people on the internet will say about it. There is a reputation in a lot of circles that golf is too boring and it is only for middle-aged white guys who have too much money.

However, the sport is actually quite welcoming to anyone who wants to try it. Sure, the gear can get a bit expensive and golf clubs can cost exorbitant amounts for membership, but that is what you get with a sport that needs a lot of terrains. With golf, you just have to deal with it and move on. With that being said, it can really be a turn-off for some people to discuss anything related to the said sport.

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Aside from swinging the golf stick and walking around, there is not much else to do. To be fair, there are only rare instances of golfers having ripped bodies compared to others. However, saying that it is not a real sport is actually erroneous. For one, it has its own rules in which you need to understand before you can appreciate the game.

Another criticism about the said activity is because of its slower-paced game. It is true that it takes around four hours to complete the entire set. Other games take an hour or even less, but there is a reason for this.

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Golf requires positioning, not speed. Accuracy and efficiency along with a tiny bit of strategy and luck are important in making that shot.

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There is a lot going on with this sport and we barely even started with the basics. However, this is not the main focus of this article as it is for those who want to date golfers.

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Why Do You Play? As with the sport, there are many of us who immediately hit the green after the first hit, these are the lucky ones. However, some might just hit the water or even the rough and you just need to try again. Online dating has been a great way for many people to meet their ificant others by posting their interests.

It can be a great idea for you to meet other golfers as well. There is a great possibility of you getting so well together because of a mutual love for the sport. Finding ones who are into this particular sport is not easy though. It is such a niche that not a lot of people are into it.

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There is even a chance that some would be turned off if they find out you even like it. With dating sites, it is easy to find someone who is in a similar wavelength. There are even sites that list the best ones. Before interacting with them though, here are some tips that you may want to hear first. Before Dating Them.

Golf has a rich and interesting gameplay, but the sport is not enough for a relationship. There are going to be a lot of rough patches to go through, and a connection built out of a simple like is never going to be enough. The actual date is going to be the first try-run and there will be others along the way unless you find out earlier that you may not be meant to be together. The Power Of Silence. Author Recent Posts. David Smith. A professional writer with more than five years of incessant practice.

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Friend friendships golf romances golf dating

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