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We warn you: You'll pick it up without even realizing it! Nevada - The 36th State.

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If you pronounce it "Ne-VAH-duh," you're either from some other part of the country or you just don't know any better. Save yourself plenty of face palms and eye rolls and say "Ne-VA'-duh. Genoa - One candidate for Nevada's oldest community. Try "Jen-OH-a" with an accent on the "Oh! They'll always add a prefix to "Carson" to clarify what exact Carson they're talking about. Beowawe - Have a go at it first It's normal.

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There are three ways to pronounce the name of this rural Nevada town Either way, you tried and it's good enough for us. The truth is there are tons of dirt ro in Nevada that don't require an actual four-wheel-drive vehicle. Nevadans use this term incredibly loosely. Transplant - This refers to anybody not native to Nevada. You must live in Nevada at least five years to earn the right to erase your "transplant" title.

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Gerlach - This one's a bit tricky. This isolated part of the state sees very few people and is often associated with the "Black Rock. Even if we do need chains! Be sure to smile! Mirrors or dark glass circles casino ceilings and are deed to conceal people ased to watch the casino floor for s of cheating. There are also cameras behind the decorative looking glass. Many long-time Nevadans have seen this fog, but never know what it's called. This word almost became the state word in Comp - Short for complimentary. This refers to a free or complimentary prize or points offered at certain casinos.

Reno-Sparks - Refers to the Reno metro area. Although both can be virtually indistinguishable from the other, the cities of Reno and Sparks are two hugely different communities historically, economically, and demographically. Rose or its ski area. Apparently Nevadans hate syllables. If you're going to Mt. Rose, you're going "up to Rose. Charleston in southern Nevada. Even in rural areas there are still posted "congested areas. Even today, metal detectors still find "color. Ely - Seat of White Pine County.

Here's one that many newbies get wrong. Pronounce it that way especially in town and you'll get a few irate stares. Mark Twain himself referred to these winds as "Washoe Zephyrs" and wasn't ashamed to talk about their destructive nature! Huffakers - A section of south Reno. Here's one that's easy to get wrong. Try "BAY-dee. Since we're full of dirt ro and rural places, "the highway" could mean the paved highway or the main road leading back "to town.

Even though our state is pretty much consistent desert-like terrain, Nevadans often refer to a specific area.

Free cheaters chat Genoa Nevada st

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