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The trouble with considering a story like this, other than the obvious one of blathering insanity, is that it is inadvisable, unseemly, unliberated, arbitrary, capricious and of some interest to entirely too many people. It arouses suspicions, invites second-guessing, and floods switchboards at the answering services of hit-men. Journalistically, it is a monumental sin of omission in a city ofwomen, each of whom is sexy to someone in some dimension.

Therein lies the problem. Sexiness is one of those marvelous things that the good Lord reserved exclusively for the eye of the beholder. The beholdees are of mixed opinion. But this is no time to be faint of heart, flagging in spirit or shifty of eye. A stand must be taken right here at the Alamo of anointment.

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We must announce a cure for which there is no disease. Because women today, came the unvarying reply, would rather be celebrated for other qualities. The explanation is that for reasons of ultimateness, models and stewardesses are indisputably attractive, appealing, sleek, and kinetically glamorous, but generally as interchangeable as fan belts. They are wondrous chrysalises.

We are looking for butterflies. We are looking for women who by a gift of nature and by the shaping of themselves have created a tapestry of de that consitutes a distinctive personality. The quality is elusive, but palpable when encountered It is womanliness, carriage, verve and effortless unconscious cultivation. It is elan and eyelids, crystal laughter. Although the French are reputed to be the experts in the parameters of allure, it was the German Goethe who distilled what we are looking for in that maddeningly precise way with words: das Ewig-Weiblich, the ever-womanly.

Who would want to turn to a story called The 10 Sensuousest Women? They are draft choices, and I just work here You think this was easy work? Think for a moment how awkward and offputting it is to sidle up to a man at a party and mention to him that you are placing his wife on a list of the 10 sexiest women in Dallas. The one man to whom I mentioned the fact took an unhurried sip of his drink and nodded with a total absence of surprise, in the manner of a guy who has just been told that his Mercedes sure is a neat car.

Naturally, I had a compelling reason to undertake the job. Speaking of lists, the quest for our 10 sexiest began with a tentative one, conceived in utmost secrecy and circulated with the furtiveness of a Solzhenitsyn manuscript in the cellars of Minsk. As soon as a few selected gentlemen in town were asked for their suggestions, the original roster of some two dozen names began to escalate at the rate of a chain letter in Las Vegas.

After two weeks and eight new sets of fingerprint smudges, the keeper of this crinkly document noticed two remarkable things: while the list of raw names grew beyond control, geometrically, there was, simultaneously, a curious pattern forming in the repetition of some of the names. All it required was two final editorial sessions of unremitting enmity, two fist fights, and some bullet-biting. Our finalists, we feel, incorporate most of the elements in varying proportions, which we believe comprise the alchemy of allure.

The final confirmation came from photographer Bob Salomon, who descended upon our selected women with his able assistants, stylist Scott Fisher and make-up artist Cindy Stevens of Vidal Sassoon.

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Each is unique, but the one thing they have in common is a lot of spirit. Oh yes. The stripper? Stormy is nearly always laughing, the throaty and hearty laugh of a longshoreman bubbling out of the Earth Mother of matronliness.

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Stormy Meadows is on a first-name basis with the world. Born hn Lewis-ville, she attended what is now TWU. We wore uniforma I got called up on the carpet for riding to school with a man. It was usually the iceman. She has never married, although the guys who have asked her included three film stars, one of them only two years ago.

Later, we started having dinner first and we never got around to anything else. Her year-old mother is a pistol. Ellen Burstein is outspoken. You have to be to get someone to pass the bread in a family consisting of a New York State Supreme Court Justice her mother ; a state senator her sister ; an NBC cameraperson another sister ; a free-lance print media writer another sister ; an actor a brother ; and a doctoral candidate in philosophy another brother.

She is frankly feminist, but also effortlessly sensuous. Ellen Burstein B. She is oriented toward investigative reporting, and in her six months in Dallas has dealt mainly with the medical beat Her series on child abuse should be on the air about now.

Ellen Loeb, Mickey Gamble. We need a younger Rosalind Russell, only maybe even a lot better looking. But forget it, for this woman would prefer to be thought of in terms of her title, which is special assistant to the Regional Director, Department of Commerce, Office of Minority Business Enterprises. Her civil service rank is GS It is semi-lofty. Certainly all of us at some time have encountered a woman who is icy, tall, lithe and withdrawn.

Vivacious is a word some of her admirers opt for. Her solemn dark eyes have the effect of a visual handshake. Rhita met Richard Freling at the University of Texas, and they were married in his last year of law school. Their next anniversary will be their 20th.

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And June McGuire, for her graciousness. She was used frequently as a sort of utility v. Heather has a chilling and virtually flawless kind of beauty, an undercurrent of allure blended with a squeaky clean essence; a gatefold girl for the Milk Producers Journal. Born in York, Pa. She came to Dallas when she was 12; worked briefly for a dermatologist then secretaried for Braniff, then found her niche at KVIL.

As she was being pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital from the shattering injuries of a car crash, an intern gouged a duct of life into her throat. It is called a tracheotomy. There were weeks of coma, and afterward, a profoundly transformed Joan Jackson. Today she clutches life with a joyous grip, paints and writes poetry in a continuum of fervor and a dimension more subtle, but infinitely more powerful, than before. Her larynx did not survive the accident intact. Her speech is a remarkable rasping monotone, bereft of inflection but bristling with bright emotion nevertheless.

The eye can trace a faint red line encircling the graceful neck, as if some wondrous Dr. Frankenstein of rectitude had set about to restore a flawed creation of beauty. Poet and painter, Joan Arnold Jackson thinks and speaks in imagery.

Askew, who has been totally feminine for 82 years. Another imported item puts out similarly resonant vibes, and her name is Magrit Brinker. Her spirit is a souffle. Their intimates cite Norman and Magrit Brinker as one of the most ideally happy couples in the realm of possibility; there is money, travel, an athletic regimen, a quite open affection, and the class to cope with it. Norman, as the saying goes, can pick em. His first wife, the late international tennis star Maureen Connolly Brinker, would have been on this list, too.

She was born in Magdeburg, attended university in Hamburg, and came to the United States with a degree in business. Norm Brinker found her managing the Brasserie at the Fairmont. Her favorite writer is Dostoyevsky, especially Crime and Punishment. The film she remembers, being enamored of sweep and grandeur, is The Agony and the Ecstasy. InFayteen Holman packed in a year career as a Dallas model, checked her savingswarned her two kids to get ready to have chicken-pot-pie a lot, and entered El Centro as an unemployed divorced freshman.

She made ends meet for a while as partner in a modeling school, embarked on a course of study in education, and graduated magna cum laude from North Texas State.

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Dean Holman could probably run for president of the Greenhill student body and win; she enjoys universal respect and affection from the students who say they would like to emulate her elegance and straight-headedness. About that name, which reminds me of one Claire Trevor might have had in her role as a heart-of-gold truck-stop waitress, she had no other options.

Movie: Gone With the Wind. As an institutional beauty. In the latter case she lost out to Gail Renshaw, who went on to become famous by not marrying Dean Martin. There the beauty queen syndrome ends, for there seems to be quite a bit inside the head; Paulette, who is from Baltimore, has crisp opinions and expresses them with the embracing nip of Chesapeake waters in a clear voice that is sturdy and sultry.

She worked in Dallas and Denver as a model. Paulette has a degree in art from Villa Julie in Maryland. Her book is Gone With the Wind, thus a daughter named Ashley. As I mentioned, 10 sexiest women ago, it is all arbitrary and capricious, and even somewhat binary in that the compilation has spewed forth types and traits and characteristics that cover a lot of ground, but not all.

It is incomplete, for in the foregoing formula 1 seem to have omitted the meticulousness of Betty Hol-loway, the platinum lankiness of Liz Sanders, the riveting zest of Gloria Kane, the coltishness of Diana Block, the stylish gravity of Laura Wilson, the regal categoria of Mollie Dominguez, the charming zaniness of Susan Sebastian, the dark pensiveness of Schatzie Lee, the caramel looks of Anita Ford in her Wackenhut uniform, the Titian zowie, Lynn Wdowiak; the competently exotic lola Johnson; the fresh sincerity of the new girl in town, Harriet Adams, the Empire forehead of Debbie Tompkins, and, last but not listed, No.

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