Cook Islands looking for lust

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This year she has partnered with the Cook Islands Pearl Authority to shine a light on the exquisite pearls from the Manihiki and Penrhyn atolls of the northern Cook Islandskm north of Rarotonga.

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Circle pearls, with a unique fascination all their own. Most of the pearl farming in the Cook Islands is concentrated in the Manihiki Lagoonwhich measures 8km x 4km. Manihiki produces some different colours of pearl, although only 54 can be discerned by the naked eye. In higher quality pearls, the black body colour is infused with overtones of gold, green or peacock.

Pick of the crop is the Avaiki pearl.

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In tandem there will be half a dozen Avaiki accessories, featuring baroques and semi baroque pearls as well as drop and button shapes. Multi-hued dark coloured pearls will be used in the collection as well as some of the silvery blues. The collection will be highly exclusive; it is expected to be placed in September with agents in the Middle East, Europe, North America and Australia, who have their own premium clientele. Each year Cicero will add a of garments to the collection. Sheena Vaetoru has been grading pearls for 15 years. She was trained as a pearl seeding technician when she was Grading the pearls you harvested was just part of the job.

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Sorting and grading is all part of the process. There are odd colours produced.

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For example, accredited farms, accredited graders, wholesalers and retailers each must conform to a set of standards. This ensures that only the highest quality pearls are branded Avaiki. If a farm is not accredited, the pearls they produce are called Cook Islands pearls.

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The most beautiful pearl the year-old grader has ever held, she says, was the very first one she held. It was a dark green A-grade round; I was eight and knew nothing about pearls then. I chose it only because I thought it was pretty, and had it set in as a beautiful white gold pendant.

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Her love for both pearls and Manihiki has never dimmed. September 1, May 7, April 5, About Susan Skelly. You may also like

Cook Islands looking for lust

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