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Girls learn to adopt a lifestyle of physical health and nutrition, daily physical exercise, meditation, healthy recreation and hobbies, positive relationships, and real vocational training. It helps teenage girls excel in life. It will set your daughter up for personal success in life, beyond teaching her the typical school subjects.

The school is is both practical and exciting. Where else will your girl be given all of this basic educational training, plus a focus on healthy living and personal success? Life Quest Girls Academy is a boarding school that provides the tools required for life ahead, including academic and vocational success.

This one-of-a-kind boarding school also offers girl a secure and comfortable environment. Such an atmosphere is ideal for teenagers struggling with apathy, rejection, or academic challenges in the traditional education system. The school and residential staff take a complete approach to education as well, encouraging personal discipline, positive relationships, serenity, and confidence. The grades boarding school for girls works with its students through fully-customized, independent online study and training, along with after-hours tutoring by certified teachers.

The goal is to teach girls how to care for themselves and to acquire positive life skills.

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Has your daughter in Casper, Wyoming struggled with the after-effects of negative self-esteem, or poor choices at home or school? Like any other parent in Casper, Wyoming who wants the best for their teenager, you may wonder what more you can do. What life-changing opportunities can you offer her to acquire self-discipline and make better choices? What alternatives to traditional education would energize her to embrace personal freedom? Life Quest Girls Academy is a boarding school deed just for such students. Please be aware that while Utah is known for a certain religion, Life Quest Girls Academy is non-religious and non-sectarian.

If girls wish to continue attending the services of a specific religion or denomination, the staff will facilitate that for them, but they will never promote or teach any particular religion.

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In the unforgettable setting near several national parks, students learn to embrace exercise and gain an appreciation for the environment. Life Quest Girls Academy is just like home — secure, safe and comfortable. The supportive and structured residential care that the girls receive includes a welcoming residence and around the clock care.

Like a great parent, we teach the girls outside of the classroom to help your girl adopt a holistic approach to her life, her physical health, and her relationships. We recognize the need for lifestyle training and have taken it one step further — we have made it an integral part of our overall program. Check out the rest of our website, even though we are not a boarding school located in Casper, Wyoming — we are located in Utah. Please take a minute to fill out the online inquiry form or call today to learn more.

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More about best boarding school for girls in Casper, Wyoming:. Casper is the second-largest city in Wyomingaccording to the census, with a population of 55, Interstate 25 approaches Casper from the North and East and is the main avenue of transportation to and from the city.

Our journey started when my daughter started losing interest in everything in life except her phone and computer. She progressively lost interest in every facet of life. We had to make a change. The Academy was part of our transition plan for our daughter after she completed a program at Re-Creation Retreat.

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The Academy allowed our daughter to continue to grow and work on herself in a structured environment. We are certain that you have heard over and over from so many families that you saved their daughters life. Thank you for everything! We are grateful that we found RCR. Thank you for your kindness, patience and support. We appreciate all the work you all do. We are able to sleep at night knowing our daughter is safe and in an environment where she can learn to be the girl we know her to be!

She has an inner dignity now which she lacked going into the program.

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She now experiences happiness in the present and has positive plans for the future. She is using her intelligence for college courses and being responsible in a job. I was accepted and I am now enrolled in college classes for the fall. They helped me create my first and coached me through the application and interview process.

I now have a job and I am able to save money and budget for my future. The girls cook and clean up their own meals. They do a 12 Step program. They do online schooling for 5 hours a day. They learn to take responsibility for their actions. It is a fantastic program. My daughter is making wonderful progress. My daughter is learning life skills, how to manage money, cooking and so much more in a loving, caring environment.

I highly recommend Life Quest Girls Academy. It truly helped her. Thanks again for all your help. We deeply appreciate ALL you do!! You are a HUGE blessing in all our lives! You are in our prayers! Praying she continues to make good choices. I hope you have a delightful day! You are blessing many lives!! I really, truly appreciate you updating me and keeping us in the loop. Please continue to let us know when she struggles so we can pray specifically for those challenges. Thank you for taking care of her she knows she is loved.

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She sounded really good yesterday. Your process is working. Thank you. I miss her a lot. We all do. Most of her writing brought me to tears…. We are so thankful for Life Quest! Life Quest Academy Enrollment is Easy! Use our online inquiry form to establish a connection with our Admissions Department. This boarding school program is truly unique. Let us know if you need help with affordable boarding schoolsaffordable Christian boarding schoolsbehavioral boarding schools or boarding schools.

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Life Quest Girls Academy is an affordable boarding school deed for middle school and high school girls to gain real life skills that will enable them to function independently and become a self-reliant adult through excellent academics customized per student. We enroll girls ages Life Quest Girls Academy is one of the best boarding schools due to its focus on four pillars of personal health: Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual by building a foundation of disciplined, holistic living.

Our dedicated staff makes Life Quest one of the best boarding schools, as they work closely with the girls, constantly providing oversight and monitoring activities to keep our students on track academically and personally. Seated in breathtaking southern Utah, the campus at Life Quest, one of the best boarding schools in America, allows opportunities in physical activities, photojournalism, and personal introspection.

With excellent academics, Life Quest Girls Academy boarding school will propel your teenage daughter into her future, well prepared with academic achievements, respect for others, an ability to be self-directed, defined leadership skills, identified strengths and abilities, plus real life skills she can immediately use. Let us know if you need help with boarding schools for troubled youthschools with therapytherapeutic boarding schools or best troubled teen schools. Get More Information Trying to find the best all-girl boarding schools in Casper, Wyoming?

Perhaps you will learn about the entirely unique, year-round Life Quest Girls Academy? Life Quest Girls Academy is one of the best boarding schools for girls, and it is accepting families in Casper, Wyoming right now! Whatever is holding your daughter back in life — this non-traditional boarding school with its campus in beautiful Southern Utah offers the best solutions for a successful life. The school for girls targets their educational plan from four perspectives, all of which run concurrently.

Students begin by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. This helps them and our team understand where to focus specific training. Target One — College Prep. A key phase of the program focuses on academic recovery, grade improvement, and preparation for college. Girls are supported as they improve their GPA and retake courses if needed, prepare for ACT, SAT and other college testing and applications, take AP classes to get the basics out of the way before college, and are given training in scholarship applications.

Target Two — Passionate Lifelong Learning. The second focus creates a foundation for passionate learning, as girls explore a variety of extracurriculars and electives. Your daughter will choose from fun vocational opportunities like: culinary arts, music, writing, technology, photography, videography, YouTube business opportunities, cosmetology, health or medical careers.

This helps each girl identify her special strengths in preparation for success in college and her career. Target Four — Personal Development. Personal Development is about making wise choices and enjoying positive consequences. Your girl will also evaluate her mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical goals. Students nurture every element of their wellbeing on a daily basis. Through this new way of living, your daughter will develop self-respect, self-confidence, discipline, and inner peace.

Do you want just a typical boarding school in Casper, Wyoming, or do you really want your girl to excel in life? Life Quest Parent. We Work with Lenders. Inquire online.

Casper Wyoming teen girls

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Troubled Girls from Casper, WY