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Talk about taking your recreation seriously. Four months later, in the lobby of an Orange County hotel, she was back in full regalia: a short, tightly cleaved, silver sequined dress, black stockings and pumps. She also had a new pacemaker. You can let your hair down and do what comes naturally. Now, it has burgeoned into a tightly organized--and some say highly commercial--recreation for an estimated 3 million pleasure-seeking participants in America alone. Whatever mainstream America may think of adultery see accompanying storya hotbed of house parties, swing clubs, travel agencies, conventions, even bed-and-breakfast inns are catering to those interested in sexual freedom, whose activities in many instances are being driven by the Internet.

Now the Internet can spread the word, cheaply, all over the world.

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Indeed, a couple party recently spent a weekend at the Eden Loreto Resorts in Baja. Hedonism II is a popular vacation playground in Jamaica that survives on a steady stream of swingers, more than in January alone. Many swing clubs often connect with their brethren in Russia, Japan, Germany and France. Some analysts point to several factors that may for the growing prominence of swinging. Besides the communications revolution, they say a series of 1st Amendment legal victories over the last two decades regarding sexual matters has afforded individuals more freedom to pursue unorthodox lifestyles.

Commercial activity has also streamlined the recreation, making it more organized and further spreading the gospel. And an empowerment of women--social, political and sexual--may be emboldening some to follow their own interests and instincts. In the old days, men screwed around and the women stayed home.

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Now women are out there. Other experts are not convinced that swinging is on the increase. They believe that the phenomenon is just more publicized now and that the of participants has remained stable over the last three decades. But to some, the growth is self-evident. Members of the swing set say the new wave consists of a wider variety of denizens. In addition to the middle-aged mainstays, a younger, more physically fit crowd is jumping into the fray and starting its own clubs.

They say swinging is as much social as sexual and allows for greater degrees of intimacy, loyalty and friendship. They already have a mate and can be more honest, open and sexual. Jennifer and John their nocturnal pseudonyms would agree. The young married couple from Moreno Valley recently hired a baby sitter for their 1-year-old son so they could attend a Friday night swinger dinner-dance at the Days Inn in Fullerton.

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The participants at the affair were of varying shapes and sizes, professions, ages and races. A 50ish man in a floral shirt had his arm around his partner while making kissy small talk with a new acquaintance.

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Nearby, a well-dressed couple talked animatedly over dessert with another attractive duo. Once the music started up, Jennifer unsheathed herself from a long overcoat to reveal nothing but a full-body fishnet stocking, bikini underwear and high-heels. Jennifer typified many women at the event who consider themselves bisexual or, at the very least, bicurious. Their male partners seemed to be interested exclusively in women. By midnight, the party had become conspicuously physical. Music by the Gap Band, Donna Summer and Madonna, along with blinking red lights and a fog machine, heightened the pandemonium.

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Clumps of couples grinded and grappled with others while trying to keep time to the music. Despite the free-flowing nature of the affair, many participants refused to give their real names, concerned about the social stigma and criticism from friends and relatives. I went to Catholic school for nine years. Actually, despite the variety of social activities, many swingers say a firm etiquette prevails, even across international boundaries.

Rude, officious, pushy people are an absolute no-no. Drugs are eschewed. Good grooming, health and cleanliness are encouraged. The tone, more often than not, is playful. But to the initiate intent on quick serial liaisons, watch out, say many swingers. You could find yourself out on the sidewalk. To score, one has to adhere to protocol and play the game: Be civil, considerate, and defer to women, who often direct the traffic.

In an age of AIDS, many swingers insist they are far more knowledgeable about safety than the average civilian. They say a host of STD-killing jellies, rubber dams and condoms are the norm at many parties. However, in a study involving 88 swingers, Richard J. Other analysts warn that a host of emotions can be aroused during freewheeling sexual activity and that they can complicate matters in a relationship.

But after awhile, what happens when your partner becomes more attracted to someone else? Sooner or later it can take a toll.

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Black swingers clubs ca

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