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Become an ATHLETE! - What is an Athlete? - Marc Dressen

You hit the gym, do plenty of lifting, and eat right—and all that effort is starting to show on your physique. Granted, some guys are naturally built a little more on the shorter and stockier side, but you can absolutely modify your training to reduce body fat and improve the definition of your muscles just like the pros.

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To get that powerful, able-bodied look—and the athletic capability that comes with it—we got in touch with Lucas Catenacci, C. Make sure your diet is on point, and then add these elements to your routine. Research proves this is the most effective type of cardio for fat loss.

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You also want to make an effort to vary your routines to continually shock your muscles and prevent plateaus, which occur frequently in typical weight training programs. Furthermore, focus on functional movements—like bench press, deadlift, front squat to press, renegade rows, and kettlebell swings—that will hit your major movers and lesser-used muscles to build all-over strength.

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This will improve athletic performance, bulletproof your ts, and prevent injury. Compound exercises also burn more fat and transform your physique faster than isolated moves that only key in on one body part at a time. Looking at you, Sgt. Bicep Curls. Plyos can include clapping pushups, box jumps, and bounding—any quick, powerful moves that challenge your ability to generate power, jump higher, and run faster.

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Add further resistance with bands, or shorten your rest periods between sets. Explosive exercises with moderate weight, like snatches, clean and jerks, med ball throws, and kettlebell swings all fit the bill.

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Athletic and looking for you

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