Adult looking friendship Iowa City

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When Katie Patel moved to Iowa in spring she was new to the Midwest and out of her comfort zone. Between college, moving and marriage, this wasn't the first time Patel was faced with starting over socially. It's one solution to a not altogether uncommon problem - making friends as an adult. Once you age out of parent-arranged playdates, alphabetized seating charts, after-school activities and college dorm asments, just how is a person supposed to go about meeting someone with whom to share a laugh, not a lifetime?

It's hard enough trying to meet someone for a romantic relationship.

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At least, then, if you find someone's single, it's fair to assume they're also on the market, so to speak. Some adults are perfectly set with their immediate family at home. Some have wonderful neighbors and friends from high school and college, and do not have the time or the need for anyone else. Life isn't the movies. People rarely approach someone at the grocery store with an invitation to dinner.

It's easy to assume everyone around you has filled their friend quota. That's why you must be proactive. Wendy DeCora of Iowa City followed that advice. A Harry Connick Jr. DeCora eventually flew to New York to attend one of Connick's shows and meet more than a dozen women from the site's online fan forum.

In the years since that first meeting, DeCora has taken several group trips with this group. It's also how she met two of her best friends. I just happened to pick the best two and run away with them. Just like when dating, the experts suggest starting with a group.

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a gym or a church or seek groups with shared interests either online on sites like Meetup. ing a group isn't enough. Once that connection is established, adults need to initiate a conversation. Go up to them first, say hello, and you have an ally for the rest of the evening.

Making friends as an adult is similar to dating in other ways, too. One person may feel a connection when another doesn't. Maybe someone doesn't have time to cultivate a new friendship. Others might not feel pressured to make friends and are content to remain acquaintances.

Or maybe an extended conversation reveals you have less in common than ly thought. You don't have to be their friend. You just have to find them. Knowing what you want will help you find like-minded people. It will be easier and less threatening for you to start making new friendships if you already have something in common with the people you are meeting. This may not lead to close friendships, but it will get you used to talking to new people while doing something good.

If you are already belong to a church, temple, political group, etc. If there's someone at work you can see yourself hanging out with after hours, ask them to dinner.

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And that's OK. Ryan Dawald left27, a sales representative for Black and Decker, hangs out with friend and former roommate Todd Chamberlain, 23, a junior at the University of Iowa, at The Vine in Coralville Thursday, March 22, Dawald, who has lived in four different states in the past five years and moved to Iowa City less than a year ago, met Chamberlain through mutual friends at a bar in Iowa City. Related Stories. Gazette Des Moines Bureau News 3h ago. Zack Kucharski News Oct. Gazette staff Crime and Courts Oct.

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Adult looking friendship Iowa City

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