19 and looking for a friend

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Of course, a big move is hardly the only circumstance in which an otherwise reasonably socialized adult might find herself craving new friendships. The COVID pandemic shrunk our social circles considerably, with many of us spending the last year-plus in the company of family and only our absolute closest BFFs.

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As the world slowly reopens, it stands to reason that we might want to seek out new connections—and feel somewhat unsure about where to start especially as COVID rates continue to climb in many cities. Miriam Kirmayer, although some of these nerves may be linked to misconceptions about how meaningful friendships actually come about. My second piece of advice is to try and choose wisely, or, in other words, choose opportunities where we will have more frequent interactions, because we know that friendships often require that frequency of interaction in order to develop.

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Conventional wisdom has it that you should pick popular yet slightly off-the-beaten path activities, like a running group or a knitting club, to meet new people. But what about those of us for whom a good Friday night hinges on the strength of a gummy edible and the availability of a new episode of The Bold Type on Hulu? Does friendship success equal a hangout invite? A standing Saturday-night bar crawl?

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For some people, social success—however they define it—can spring from a source as prosaic as social media. Mijal Tenenbaum, 27, moved to Los Angeles with only a few loose acquaintances at her disposal. For Hannah Smith, 27, friendship began at home—quite literally—when she moved to San Francisco in without knowing anyone.

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Smith sublet three different rooms through Craigslist before she finally ed a month-to-month lease in the perfect place which she also found through Craigslisteventually turning a roommate from her final apartment into one of her best friends. One popular method for friend-making endorsed by Kirmayer is volunteering, which is exactly how Courtney Gustafson, 31, ended up meeting her two best friends.

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After all, you could a volunteer effort or a cooking club and meet absolutely nobody you bond with, or you could meet your all-time, Elena Ferrante—novel—level soulmate at a random party you almost skipped.

19 and looking for a friend

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