An ephemeral exhibition/vitrine, reinterpreting work of Hannes Meyer “Die Vitrine Co-op. BASEL” from 1925. Created during Display Tools workshops, in cooperation with students from HfG Karlsruhe.
The original vitrine displays Swiss cooperative products in 1925. Almost 100 years later, we reinterpret the vitrine, by showcasing any products of cooperative effort that we’re able to gather in Warsaw during the 2-days workshop. We took this opportunity to examine the co-op landscape of Warsaw and collected the exhibits paying visits to municipal community gardens, freeshops/squats, bookcrossing locations. The rest was found via online auctions and giveaways, fb freegan/dumpster-diving groups and “Falling fruit” a map of wild-growing fruit and flowers. Later, we arranged the objects within the original format of Hannes Meyer’s vitrine.

Co-op with Jenny Starick, Zuza Gronowicz, Pola Salicka, Karolina Sobel, supervisors: Andreas Muller and Aaron Werbick
Photos: Karolina Sobel