My bachelor diploma, realized in co-op with Barbara Motylińska.
Conceptual, biodegradable footwear, entirely 3d-printed in FDM technology.
With this project, we want to propose an alternative model for the production and distribution of footwear. Our goal was to create fully compostable and functional shoes, while giving users the pleasure of creating their own reproducible design, within the proposed algorithm.
The only materials used are flexible, biodegradable filament and natural textiles. Looking for the possibility of stiffening the upper and giving it sports and urban design, we developed our own method of printing the application on the material. Thanks to that the whole shoe is constructed without gluing and sewing.
Complementary to the project is an online footwear wizard and foot measurement application. It enables you to prepare a personalized print file, make a purchase, contact a local 3d printing center, or a private printer owners. Thanks to the prepared algorithm, the execution of the model does not require specialized shoemaking skills.